Fall Overhaul! This Year’s Fall Fashion Trends

Fall Fashion Trends


What new fall fashion trends can we expect this season, and what’s going to look familiar?

Karla Turney, owner of Sash Boutique, says: “We are seeing a few re-occurring trends such as the off-the-shoulder look for tops and dresses.” Keep an eye out for “faux fur—or fun fur—in vests and jackets, any kind of vest, and faux leather pants and leggings,” says Turney. Tracey Baker, owner of ZuZu Fashion Boutique, also foresees “versions of the cold-shoulder look, faux suede, faux fur jackets and vests in multi-colours and patterns.”

Fall Fashion Trends

Krista Smith, owner of The Red Tulip, agrees: “We’re seeing a lot of vests for fall. You can put a vest on with a plain blouse or a t-shirt and jeans and it makes it instantly look so different and interesting.” Nicole Birch, owner of Studio Eleven, adds, “I’ve been seeing a lot of floral embroidery, and suede is big for this coming fall. Turtlenecks are coming back in stripes and solids, as well as casual knitted material.”

Fall Fashion Trends


Earthy, deep colours are a staple of fall fashion. How can we incorporate some more vibrancy into our wardrobe this season?

“Jewel tones for fall are big and are certainly welcomed. We’re going to see navy continue through to the fall,” says Turney.  Birch is all about reds. “Red is so misunderstood—people associate it with holidays—but honestly, red can be injected into your wardrobe any time of year.”  Similarly, Smith calls for: “Burgundies and magentas, pale pinks, true fuchsias, raspberry reds, purples, navies—and brown is back on the horizon.” “Soft shades of pink really give a feminine touch when mixed with taupe, charcoal, and chocolate,” says Baker. Ultimately, “fall fashion is backing a little away from grey and black,” says Smith. “There’s definitely an emphasis on colour.”

If you’re concerned about how to add vibrant fall colours to your wardrobe, consider pairing a pop of colour with a neutral. “You can always keep it simple with these tones by matching with other things already in your closet,” says Turney. Baker agrees. “The trick, as with any design project, is to build on what you have with pieces that bring in ‘hot’ colours for the season. You don’t need to buy a whole new wardrobe.” “The safest place may be an over-setter, like a cardigan you can wear over a monochromatic top,” says Smith. “Start small.” Birch agrees: “You can use accessories that have a bright colour, like a scarf or necklace, and then slowly move into clothing.”  But in big ways or small, incorporating colour is always advised, says Smith. “Colour always makes you feel good, lights up your face, and does wonders for your attitude.”

Fall Fashion Trends


“Invest in quality items that you know you’ll love and wear over and over. Treat yourself to a special piece every now and again and mix it in with your existing wardrobe to make the most of your closet!”
KARLA TURNEY, Sash Boutique

“There’s always going to be trends. However, trends don’t work for everyone. Dress for your individual taste, what works for you, and what makes you feel good.”

“Everybody’s different. Something that appeals to one person isn’t going to appeal to the other, but as long as the person wearing it loves what they look like in it, that’s all that matters!”
NICOLE BIRCH, Studio Eleven

“Be open-minded. Try something that may be a teensy bit outside your box. I can’t tell you how many times our customers say ‘I never would have considered that, but I love it!’”
TRACEY BAKER, ZuZu Fashion Boutique

by Emily Bednarz

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Fall Fashion Trends

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