Autumn Decorating and DIY – This Year’s Fall Home Décor Trends

Fall Home Décor

Looking to wow your guests this Fall? Get some inspiration and celebrate autumn in style with our top decorating tips from Devon Byrne at Barrie’s Bradford Greenhouses Garden Gallery, Sue Guilherme at Lahay’s Hobby & Crafts, Jennifer Moore from Barrie Flowers, and Sarah Curcione at Inspiring Interior Solutions.


Everyone knows browns, oranges, and yellows are the autumn colours. What other colours can we incorporate into our autumn decorating to bring some liveliness to the table?

“Mulberry, cranberry, and burgundy are an upcoming colour palette for Fall concepts. Also, for a fresh palette, think sage green, ivory, and white pumpkins, gourds, succulents, and berries!” – Byrne

“Red, copper, and green; colours like copper and gold give an extra tone and shine.” – Guilherme

“Get creative with pumpkins—and not just orange. Trends seem to be going toward either painted pumpkins or working with cream, white, and sage green.” – Curcione

Fall Home Décor


What accessories and materials—even from our backyard—can we incorporate into an autumn centrepiece or arrangement?

“Dried natural elements—going back to Mother Nature! Lotus pods, dried preserved sheet moss, Spanish moss, curly willow, dried wheat, and cattails are all elements we like utilizing in autumn bouquets, as well as fresh succulents and airplants.” – Byrne

“There’s so many different containers you can use, like baskets, vases, and bowls, to put your coloured corn, corn stalks, silver dollar plants, and cattails in!” – Guilherme

“I love vintage and antiques; I’m always popping into shops to find ideas for a centrepiece.” – Curcione

Fall Home Décor


“Group dried corn in threes, add some fall leaves, burlap ribbon, and ta-da! Beautiful to hang on your front door. You can also carve out pumpkins to use as planters and pop in a hardy mum!” – Byrne

“Wire baskets are great because you can see through and embellish them.” – Guilherme

“You can make a DIY table runner out of burlap to compliment your natural colour scheme!” – Curcione

“You can carve out items like pumpkins and squash and make the arrangement directly inside—great table centrepiece idea—or, if they are mini, you can put on sticks and include in the bouquet!” – Moore

Fall Home Décor


When creating their unique autumn decoration, what should novice decorators and crafters keep in mind?

“Less is more. Stick to one colour palette (for example, two colours that work well with each other) and run with it. Once in your comfort zone, you can then introduce more complex items and expand your colour palette!” – Byrne

“Start with a colour scheme—whether you want typical fall colours or something completely unique—and find a centrepiece to build around. There’s so much you can do; the possibilities are endless.” – Curcione

“Having different colours, heights, and texture beside each other is appealing in an arrangement or bouquet; you want it to have structure but also look natural and interesting.” – Moore

“There are no mistakes. Everyone has a different creative take; just keep adding to it until you love it!” – Guilherme

by Emily Bednarz

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Fall Home Décor

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