Most of us know the big names in animal rescue, but along with those organizations, smaller, local rescues work hard to save the lives of animals in need.

Emily Brown, Manager of the Ontario SPCA Barrie Animal Centre, offered some insight into the longstanding society. “The Ontario SPCA is unique amongst animal welfare organizations in Ontario,” says Brown. “The Ontario SPCA Act mandates the Society to enforce animal cruelty laws and provides Ontario SPCA Community investigators with police powers to do so.” Through different lobbying efforts, the SPCA has helped to pass legislation that protects the rights of animals.
How can you help the spca?
“One of our top needs is for monetary donations; another way to support the animals at the Barrie Animal Centre is to volunteer. We also have a ‘wish list’ of items used to care for the animals at our centre. We appreciate donations of these much-needed items, which could include everything from dog and cat toys to towels, and everything in between.”

Why should we adopt from shelters or rescues instead of breeders? General Manager Maxine Roter and owner Wayne K. Hill from Hill Cress Dog Haven offer this heartfelt response: “If everybody went to a breeder to get a puppy, so many dogs would be put down. Although saving the life of one dog does not change the world, it changes the world for that one dog.”
How can you help Hill Cress Dog Haven?
“Our funds are depleting quickly. We’re looking for extra donations; if what you can afford is five dollars, it will be accepted gratefully. The more money we can get in, the more dogs we can rescue, re-train, and re-home.”

On the topic of breeders, Cassandra Jackson, founder of Precious Paws Rescue urges that, “If you do choose to purchase a dog from a breeder, ensure that the breeder is reputable. While you might think that you’re ‘saving’ that one puppy from the flea market, your money is funding the abuse of the dogs left behind in the backyard breeding operation or puppy mill.”
How can you help Precious Paws?
“In 2015, Precious Paws started ‘Boo’s Fund’ which is a community emergency fund available to assist families experiencing financial hardships due to a medical emergency with their pet. Through Boo’s Fund, we have assisted several families with funds for things like broken legs, pyometra, and cruciate surgeries. Donations to this initiative are always greatly appreciated!”

What’s the most important thing to be mindful of when adopting a new pet? The team at Rescue 1 at a Time had this advice: “Animals are an investment: you get out what you put in. That investment includes several aspects including financial, time, and energy. It won’t always be easy, but the animals are worth it.”
How can you help Rescue 1 at a Time?
“We especially need foster homes for our dogs and cats; fostering is a great way to enjoy the love and companionship of animals on a short term commitment. For those who are unable to foster, make us part of your birthday or holiday party by requesting that partygoers donate to Rescue 1 at a Time!”

Cats need loving homes too! Verena Kompp at the Furry Friends Animal Shelter advises, “When adopting a cat, you’re bringing a new family member into your home who may live over twenty years. Make sure that you can financially support this new family member, and as you make life changes, make sure you are prepared to bring your cat with you, whether it’s moving or incorporating new people in your life.”
How can you help Furry Friends?
“You can sign up to become a foster parent or volunteer with us at our shelter. We are always seeking donations of cat food, litter, paper towels, laundry detergent, and Canadian Tire Money!”


by Emily Bednarz



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