Hosting For The Holidays – How Party Rentals Can De-Stress Your Event

When we host for the holidays, we have roughly a million things on our minds. How much furniture do we have to move to squeeze everyone in? How many chairs do we have? What time did the turkey go in the oven again?

Local party rental companies can not only help take the hassle out of setup and clean-up, they can help your holiday party shine. Kari Smith at Elite Party Rentals urges that opting for holiday party rentals “is a great way to treat Mom or the hostess who is difficult to buy for; many people use rentals as a gift to the Mom that has everything!”

And it’s easy to see why: local party rental companies offer everything from tableware to furniture to décor. Plus, you have the added bonus of their expert decorating advice, says Karen Bolliger at Tiffany Party Rentals: “When you rent, you have the latest trends available to you at a fraction of the cost of purchasing. Our associates will guide you through the planning process by asking the right questions to ensure nothing is overlooked.”

Holiday Hosting

As well as expert advice, there is one particular, massive advantage to using a party rental service for your holiday get-together: NO DISHWASHING. Yes, you heard me correctly. “Our customers are always thrilled to learn that they don’t have to do the dishes,” says Bollinger. “Clean-up is so simple,” says Smith. “We wash all the dishes. Just scrape them off, put them in their crates, and bring them back!” This extra service is especially valued during what can be one of the most stressful times of the year. “Our busiest time is Christmas,” says Bollinger. “I remember one customer rented only one dinner plate, because she had eight of her own and hosted nine guests for Christmas dinner! That’s the benefit of renting: you rent only what you need. And did I mention we wash the dishes?!”

But there’s still one thing that might hold folks back from renting holiday décor: tradition. Can rented décor still make gatherings feel cozy, personal, and inviting? “Absolutely!” says Smith. “Renting all the necessary tableware needs will only add to the tradition of family—by giving you more time to spend together!” Bollinger adds, “We all have our favourite holiday traditions. Renting doesn’t mean replacing your traditions. Renting allows you to spend more time with family and friends and less time doing the drudgery of cleaning up afterwards. Leave that part of the holidays to us.”

If you decide this year that there are just too many people squeezed into your dining room (and overflowing into your living room), booking a rental space through your municipality is easy and cost-effective. The City of Orillia can accommodate up to 200 guests at either Barnfield Point Recreation Centre or Rotary Place. If you choose to book at the Rotary Place, you can also book time on their ice rink or rock wall. The Orillia Opera House offers a fully licensed room perfect for hosting up to sixty dinner guests—before catching a show! Depending on your group size, the City of Barrie can accommodate your holiday guests at the East Bayfield and Holly Community Centres, the Allandale Recreation Centre, and the Dorian Parker, Parkview and Southshore Halls. Whether you book a room or a hall, each rental includes the use of tables and chairs, and you are welcome to bring your own home-cooked or catered food. Happy Hosting!

by Emily Bednarz

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