I distinctly remember my jaw dropping the first time I walked into a suite at The Couples Resort. I was astonished by the sheer extravagance of our room. The high ceilings, the fireplace, the Jacuzzi soaker, the balcony hot tub overlooking the lake. We kept uncovering amenities to get excited about. And no wonder: The Couples Resort is still the only resort in Ontario to claim a 5-star rating. A lot of this has to do with their
luxury amenities.

Then, there’s dinner. Nothing could prepare us for the lavish service and impeccable food at The Couples Resort. As I chat with owner John Sorensen, I tell him that sometimes, my partner and I will look at their menu online just to reminisce (and torture ourselves). Sorensen laughs and says, “You sound like a foodie! That’s who we cater to here: people who really enjoy good food. That’s a big part of why couples choose us. And it’s really what we want The Couples Resort to be: a foodie destination in Ontario.”


Dining at The Couples Resort is truly its own entertainment experience. “It’s so much about the meal,” says Sorensen. “The time it takes to dress up, plan what you’re going to have, and sit and enjoy the meal. This is a full event by itself.” When Sorensen says that you’ll “plan” what to have for your meal, he’s not kidding. My partner and I will often strategize over which meal choices we’ll make — being open to sharing a bite or two (no more than two, though) — so that we can get a taste of as many of their mouth-watering menu options as we can. And choosing can sometimes be agonizing, as Sorensen knows: “We want people to read the menu and think: This does not sound like anything I’ve had anywhere else, but oh my God, it sounds good. I don’t know which to choose from!”

Almost 30 years ago, the family resort decided to “go couples.” They were already mostly catering to couples at the time — people who enjoyed good food and being surrounded by nature. But for Sorensen, part of the reason for the change came from the enjoyment of giving couples much needed time together. “Couples don’t have time,” says Sorensen. “They don’t have time to spend time together because they’re so busy with their lives. I wanted to create little pockets of time for couples to get together and rekindle. It’s so important in this hectically manic world we live in. That’s what’s going to hold it all together in the end. We take great pride in that.”

Even at the resort, you may find yourself short on time. With a complimentary pass to Algonquin Park and free snowshoe, ski, and skate rentals, there’s an abundance of ways to have a “pure winter experience” during your getaway, says Sorensen. And even if it’s too chilly for you to venture outside, you can take advantage of their award-winning spa services. Just be sure to book early!

Folks still travel south for the winter, perhaps more than ever, but The Couples Resort remains a local destination for couples to really relax and get pampered. “It’s about treating yourself,” says Sorensen. “We say it’s Valentine’s here every day.” If you haven’t yet experienced The Couples Resort, I’ll tell you in all honesty: It’s worth the splurge. But don’t take my word for it. Book now and experience it for yourself!


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