Fun, Fresh and Floral – The Spring 2018 Fashion Forecast

Spring is a tricky wardrobe for me. You have to prepare for warm, cool, dry, and wet days. But, while it may be tough to balance an outfit for our unpredictable weather, spring fashion gives us a much needed chance to inject some liveliness back into our wardrobe. And, according to our local fashion experts, liveliness is certainly in the fashion forecast for Spring 2018.


Spring fashion this year is all about two things: fun and colour. “What I love about spring is that anything goes,” says Nicole Birch at Studio Eleven. “We are seeing sequins, bold colours and patterns, fringe, and ruffles, all anchored in the beautiful pastel colours that we can’t wait to wear in spring.” Birch predicts a lot of light pinks and purples on the horizon, as well as floral prints that seem to crop up every spring. And you don’t necessarily need to wait until May or June to enjoy these colours, says Elaine Francoz at  Just Elaine’s. While the weather might not accommodate your flowy spring skirt, “Add the spring colours now, because it makes you feel good,” says Francoz. “There’s pretty pinks and blues that you can mix in with your blacks and greys and still feel like a touch of spring is around the corner.” 

Nancy Nevala at Fashion Therapy is also calling for bright colours and bold textures. The colour spectrum is daring this season, says Nevala, and includes everything from soft blush and lavender to hot pink and vibrant green. In terms of texture, look for linens and denim. “Jean is in again,” says Nevala. “But with detail. Jean dresses and cropped jeans with frayed bottoms and embellishments—all very fun!”

CC Fashions is also ready for those fun spring colours and textures. Christina Martin and Dianne Cipolla are betting on bright and pastel colours, but are also seeing more feminine touches in texture; be on the lookout for lace, ruching, beading, embroidery, and sheer fabrics. “If you are looking for a way to update last year’s closet, we recommend adding pieces with embroidery,” say Martin and Cipolla. “You will be seeing it added to everything this season!”

Spring 2018 Fashion Forecast


Bags, bangles, bell-bottoms—this spring is all about making the ordinary extraordinary. “A patterned bag is the new statement piece,” says Birch. “We are seeing a lot of brands turning a basic bag into a conversation piece by adding details like tassels, colour blocking, floral patterns, and new textures.” Even staples like bottoms are getting taken to the next level, says Nevala. “Pants are coming in all sorts of shapes, from skinny to bell-bottom, from plain to patterned.” Similarly, Martin and Cipolla predict that jackets are getting revamped. “Denim or pleather jackets that feature embroidery will be a fun way to change up both dressy and casual looks.”

Other accessories reflect how this season is turning fresh into fun. For example, “A white sneaker can go a long way,” says Birch. “They can be worn with jeans or dresses, and can be casual or dressy—a great staple for every age and style.” This spring, Nevala has noticed “echoes” of the clean lines and bright fashion of the 60s, with the return of large, colourful wooden necklaces and earrings. Ultimately, this spring is about pairing the unexpected. “Mix fabrics of different textures and weights,” advise Martin and Cipolla.  “It’s a great time to find a chunky sweater on sale to wear over a feminine, floral spring dress.” 

by Emily Bednarz

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Spring 2018 Fashion Forecast


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