Finding Your Zen – Meditation Advice


There is nothing more ‘zen’ to me than slowly sipping a cup of local joe while taking in the beautiful view of Kempenfelt Bay. Sitting on a bench facing the water gives you a real appreciation for the calming simplicity that nature has to offer.


We are truly blessed with all of Central Ontario’s lakes and shorelines. It just has a way of bringing people together. Families out on the boat, picnics down at the Port of Orillia, and the roar of the classic car club gatherings—we all get to choose how we enjoy our shorelines. 

I prefer the ‘zen’ way! We all need that time, even if for a moment, to chill out, reflect, and reset. Meditation is rapidly becoming more mainstream as our world gets busier, especially since it’s backed up by plenty of research in clinical settings. Most noteworthy is a Harvard-led research study demonstrating actual shrinkage in the anxiety and stress centers of the brain in participants who followed an 8-week daily meditation practice. 


There are many forms of meditation and a great deal of serene places in our region where you can unplug and dive deep into your subconscious. If it’s nature that calms your mind, take a stroll through Sunnidale Park Arboretum while listening to a guided meditation on your phone. Some free apps that I enjoy are The Mindfulness App, Headspace, and Calm. They are especially great to use if you’re new to the practice. The soothing sounds and intellectual teachings help train your mind to relax and focus. You are guided through a meditation that lasts anywhere from 3 to 25 minutes, depending on how much time you have.  If you want to get more specialized, you can listen to meditation focused on health, productivity, sports, happiness, or stress relief. The apps even automatically provide a daily reminder so that you are set up for success! 

If your body and mind are equally craving some attention, try out a local yoga class. You will experience tremendous improvements in your joint pain and stiffness with, of course, the added benefit of meeting mindful individuals in your community.

Local Studios

Bikram Yoga Barrie
Central Barrie  |  110 Bradford St, Barrie

Moksha Yoga
South Barrie  |  411 Huronia Rd #6, Barrie

Grace Too Community Studio
North Barrie  |  1027 Bayfield St #3, Midhurst

Nourish Yoga and Wellness
Orillia  |  8 Peter St S, Orillia

The Vidya Centre for Yoga and Wellness
Thornton  |  238 Barrie St, Thornton

Inner Strength Yoga and Wellness Studio
Innisfil  |  1070 Innisfil Beach Rd, Innisfil

by Dr. Alyssa Runyon

Doctor of Chiropractic, Acupuncture Provider, BASc., CSEP-CPT 
Ph: (705) 739-9585 Fax: (705) 739-0324   


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