Cooking Up Confidence – Recreational Cooking Classes at Liaison College Barrie

Signing up for a Recreational Cooking Class at Barrie’s Liaison College has the effect of inspiring confidence in the kitchen. Not only do you go home with your delicious creations, you also leave with an arsenal of new cooking techniques to use every day. As Deborah Porter, Director of Liaison College’s Barrie Campus., says, “You go home with some new skills and with the fruits of your labour.”

Cooking Classes

From Cooking Novice to Kitchen Superstar

It can be daunting to step into a commercial-grade kitchen, especially if cooking isn’t your forte. But Liaison College ensures their classes are approachable for any skill level. “We welcome everyone—experienced home cooks who want to learn more or people who just want to be a better cook,” says Porter. “We had a wife enroll her husband so he could learn to cook while she was at work!”

Porter says the key to keeping classes approachable lies in the instruction from their professional, Red Seal chefs. “Their skill and technique level is so high, but they’re able to accommodate a variety of people and make them feel comfortable—which is a huge barrier for a lot people.” The chefs also add optional elements to challenge more experienced attendees. “If someone wants to stay at a specific level, they can do that. But, if they want to step it up a notch, the chef will add in extra steps to help increase their skills even more.” Like Liaison College’s diploma programs, the chef-student ratio is around 1-15—so you are sure to have plenty of one-on-one time with your instructor. 

Cooking Classes

Stepping into the Kitchen

What should you expect after you’ve signed up for a class? For $75 (or $60 per person if you bring a friend), you will get your own station, detailed instruction, a three-course meal, and new skills and techniques to take home. “We do three courses, usually an appetizer, entrée, and dessert,” says Porter.

For the budding chef at home, Kids Cooking Camps are offered during the summer months, where campers learn how to properly and safely cook in the kitchen. For lovebirds eager to prepare a delicious meal for and with their partner, consider checking out their upcoming Date Night class on September 14.

Whichever class suits you best, “It’s a relaxed, fun learning experience that anyone can do,” says Porter. “Making new friends and learning new skills and techniques is an amazing experience to help boost your confidence.”

Cooking Classes at Liason this fall:

Beat the Heat Thai StyleAUG 23

Vegetarian Vegan DelightsSEPT 6

Date NightSEPT 14

Grilling MarinadesSEPT 20

Parents & Kids Cooking NightSEPT 27

Game Night GoodiesOCT 4

Knife Skills TechniquesOCT 11

Soups & StewsOCT 18

Italian Night | OCT 25

Gluten-Free Holiday BakingNOV 1

French CuisineNOV 8

Holiday BakingNOV 15

Holiday Cookie ExchangeNOV 22

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Cooking Classes

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