It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas of Olde

When it comes to the hottest Christmas decorating trends for 2018, it seems what is old, is new again – inside and out. So step back in time for a nostalgic Christmas with a traditional colour palette of silver and gold. Top the tree with a classic, vintage star and then, for a coordinated look; wrap all of your presents in the same colour theme.

“Nostalgia is big this year. People are looking to keep their family traditions of when they were young and they are repurposing their decorations,” says Kristopher Orchard of OC Emporium Inc. in Orillia. “You can have a lot of fun with it and really highlight your important family treasures.”

The “Winter” look is also popular, as is incorporating nature, fresh foliage, berries, feathers and nuts into displays with shiny Christmas balls, candles and traditional pieces.

Orchard teaches people to repurpose their decorations, creating impressive themes for displays of all sizes. For those who want to make decorating even easier, he and his business partner Jamie Campbell will come out and create masterpieces at your home or place of business. And once Christmas is over, it’s a simple matter of replacing a few pieces to turn the scene into a winter wonderland that will impress the neighbourhood until the gardens start blooming.

“On-site decorating is popular,” states Orchard. “The worst thing you can look at after mid-January is Christmas stuff, but we have various planter inserts that allow customers to easily change the look and it’s amazing.”

The best displays start small, maybe with a holly wreath or a Christmas table with gold stars and sparkling Christmas crackers and a magnificent plum pudding on a cake stand in the middle of the table.

“Incorporating a new piece starts a trend that you can add to over the years. People love that,” says Orchard, adding that blue is the new red and gold for Christmas this year.

Barb Pisano, designer at Bradford Greenhouses, says metallic mixes of gold; silver and champagne are popular, as well as woodland accents and nostalgic decorations. She suggests creating a “table scape” long before the entertaining begins.

“You can set your dining room table a couple of weeks before your company is arriving and then you can enjoy it for a time before it is ripped apart,” she says. Tablescaping with various heights and textures along with tiny rice lights is a great way to create a holiday atmosphere in your home and the theme can be carried through to the fireplace, entrance way, powder room and other areas of the house.

Simple touches can make a great impact in any home. Pisano and Orchard agree that items such as large glass jars filled with Christmas shiny balls and rice lights are a great addition to any kitchen and a vintage cake plate can be the centrepiece to a table display.

“It doesn’t have to be expensive,” Orchard says. “Look around at what you have and use heirloom pieces in a new way. Everyone can afford something and you will be amazed.”


by Robin MacLennan


OC Emporium Inc.

Bradford Greenhouses

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