This Spring fill your closet with colourful prints and wide leg pants

We’re in the thick of spring fashion, so make sure you’ve got all the latest trends lining your closet.

“Lots of colour. Lots of prints. Flowers. Stripes. Everything goes! Coral is back. Fuchsia.
There’s a lot of black and white with punches of brilliant yellow,” says Nancy Nevala, Owner of Fashion Therapy in Orillia.

Fashion is mixing things up from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, while adding a few timeless pieces too such as white sneakers and denim. This spring there’s something for everyone.
“We’re certainly seeing a resurgence of the 80s inspiration. Patterns. Plaid. Florals. Bright orange and green, but we’re also seeing some monochromatic. Matching items is a big trend. Sometimes you can mix up some polka dots with stripes,” says Krista Smith, Owner of The Red Tulip in Barrie.

Any wide leg pants like culottes or palazzos as well as crop tops, overalls, and jumpsuits are gracing the current fashion trends. Longer shorts just above the knee, and off-the-shoulder and open shoulder tops are still popular, according to Nevala.

“Neon is really big, and tie-dye is popular and coming back in many different items – pants and tops. Things are quite retro. Dresses are always a staple. Jean jackets are a go- to. It’s so versatile and will grow with you through the seasons and trends,” says Nicole Birch, Owner of Studio Eleven in Orillia.

Embroidery and some rips and tears in denim have returned along with mid-length gaucho pants and painted jeans, says Dianne Cipolla, Owner of CC Fashions in Orillia.

“For juniors and 20-year-olds, high rise jeans with little crop tops (are popular). Colour is always important for spring. Also, there’s a lot of navy and purple, and a lot of navy and white, and white sneakers with the jeans rolled up. You can wear that from junior and up,” recommends Cipolla.

Dresses with vibrant patterns and floral prints as well as hats with wide brims to protect your face from the sun are also essentials to have in your closet, states Smith and Birch.

“As far as dresses, everything is in – long flowing, in between, flower prints. I get most of mine from Spain. Everything in Europe are wild prints. Vests are in – long flowing vests, sleeveless tops with sleeveless vests. And hats came back. There’s a lot of stuff out there, but everyone likes something different,” says Nevala.

Europe is usually the first on the scene of what’s trending in fashion with the United States and Canada following behind, informs Birch. “We adopt trends to fit our consumers because Canadians are different and like to layer. Canada is usually about a year behind in the fashion industry.”

Now that you’ve made your shopping list, be sure to know the difference between culottes, palazzos, and gaucho pants. Culottes are knee length and look like you’re wearing a skirt, while gauchos are cut-off about mid-length says Cipolla. Palazzos are longer than both the culottes and gauchos and are more like a long wide leg pant.
Happy shopping!


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