It’s certainly glorious to have our longer daylight hours back, and more natural light filling our dwelling spaces. Now’s the time to consider updating or adding window coverings to your home.

“What we find is that we coordinate with the clients’ colours, furniture, and decorating style to present them with a timeless look that will stand the test of time,” says Judy Salnek, Design Consultant for Salnek Custom Window Treatments in Barrie.

Drapery is still a popular choice for darkening a room, but roller shades are the latest trend, says William Smith, Owner of W.H. Smith Draperies & Upholstery in Orillia.

“A lot of houses have vaulted ceilings, and acoustically drapes are nice to take away the echo. People sometimes still use curtains in bedrooms to make them dark. The roller shade is the number one seller. They give you privacy when you want, but are discreet,” informs Smith.

There are numerous styles of window coverings to choose from depending on your decor, size and shape of your windows. “We have so many blinds, shadings, and drapery styles. We fit the right product with what the client needs functionally, and make it work with the look they’re trying to achieve within their budget,” says Salnek.

Practicality and functionality seem to be a common consideration when deciding what window treatments will work best for your home, office, or place of business.

“People are going for a minimalist look. A clean, crisp look on the inside of the window frame – black out, or room darkening window coverings for bedrooms, or media rooms. Most are roller style. The biggest trend is cordless blinds that either have a spring mechanism, or are remote controlled,” says John Ayerst, Owner of Ayerst Blinds, Shades & Shutters
in Orillia.

Motorized window coverings can conveniently be controlled by an app on your cell phone. “Most of the blinds and shadings we present to clients are motorized. They work with apps from anywhere in the world,” enlightens Salnek.

The Government of Canada is enforcing manufacturers to produce cordless window coverings for the safety of children and pets, informs Ken Townsend, Owner of Decor Window Fashions & Upholstery in Barrie.

“The government wants to do away with them completely. It’s about $600 to motorize a standard roller blind, or sunscreen. There are different motors you can use. We educate people to see what they specifically want,” says Townsend.

Jennifer Trussler, Interior Design Coordinator and Decorator for A Welcoming Home in Orillia says, “People are looking for safety, flexibility, and control with blinds.”

Maybe you don’t want window coverings. That’s fine too. “Blinds are put into windows to stop the sun from fading floors and furniture. Tilt the slats up towards the glass. You don’t want the slat to let sun onto the floor,” says Townsend.

To clean blinds, just use a white unsoiled damp cloth. The acid in vinegar and chemicals in Windex will take the UV coatings off the covering and discolour it, explains Ayerst.
Get those windows covered!

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