Ice cream always reminds me of my grandfather. No matter how old you get, there’s always something soothing about that first cool lick of an ice cream cone that makes you close your eyes and hum, Mmmm.

Brenda and Rick Coletta, Owners of Here’s the scoop at The Parlour in Thornton understand how ice cream creates memories. They’re living their dream serving Central Smith Creamery ice cream at their colourful, exciting family parlour.

“It’s about an experience and memory. I really want people to say, ‘Remember when…’ I’m doing exactly what I wanted to do as a child. We’re proud of it,” says Coletta. “You get a giant cone for a reasonable amount.”

The evolution of ice cream has come a long way since strawberry, chocolate, or vanilla flavours.

“Besides being able to choose from almost 40 flavours, they’ll be delighted with our high quality, and of course, our generous serving sizes!” says Tom Legere, Marketing Manager of Kawartha Dairy Limited.

Gramps’ head would spin if he went to The Collingwood Sweet Shoppe in Collingwood where Owner, Kevin McFadden puts his own twist on ice cream flavours.

“We’re confectioners. We’re creating ice cream with our own homemade candy in it. You’re getting a lot of unique flavours. High-quality cream plus a combination of candy makes a pretty wicked combination!”

If frozen yogurt is more your taste, and you like to decorate your own dessert bowl, visit Swirleez Frozen Yogurt down by the Barrie waterfront. They have 36 different toppings!

“The possibilities are endless…fresh fruit, cheesecake bites, brownie bites, chocolate chips, Reese’s Pieces, and other popular candies. Finish it off with some delicious chocolate, caramel, strawberry, or Nutella sauce, and you have a one-of-a-kind custom dessert,” says Ryan Megson, General Manager.

Dockside Sweets & Treats in Midland serves up both ice cream and frozen yogurt along with a variety of toppings, but the best part is the smell of their homemade waffle cones.

“We serve Kawartha ice cream, which is the best ice cream ever. We also make our own waffle cones right in the shack.  The aromatic smell travels all over the docks.  People can enjoy their treats while wandering and looking out over Midland Bay,” says Laurie Asselin, Manager.

For soft-serve options, The Ice Cream Hut in Midhurst has a convenient drive-thru and can dispense candy, toasted coconut, and maple flakes into the ice cream. They’ll serve your dog too! “We give a free puppy cone. It’s a miniature ice cream cone. The pups love it,” says Linda Smith, Owner.

Sweet Dreams Ice Cream at the Port of Orillia and Tudhope Park offer 42 flavours and only use compostable or biodegradable serving ware.

“We try to keep current in terms of environmental aspects and dietary restrictions, but we also pride ourselves on getting back to basics,” says Perry Maksymiw, Owner.

Gramps and I intended on mapping out an ice cream route throughout Muskoka before he died. So, I’ve done one for you throughout Simcoe County. Eat, and be merry!

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