One of my favourite things to do in the summer is lounge in my backyard with my feet up, and a good book – okay, and maybe a glass of wine.

If your backyard looks weed overgrown, has broken tree branches all over the grass, and allows every neighbour to see you in your pyjamas while having your morning java, then I suggest investing in some landscaping, and designing your own private oasis.

“Naturally there are many options for people when it comes to landscaping. Most of us are living in “cookie cutter” subdivision housing, so fencing is a must. Most times it’s your typical wood privacy fence. It’s very important to have plants to help hide the fencing. Nice plants will always enhance a landscape, whether it’s pure aesthetics, functional, food production (fruit and veggie garden), or a combination. We live in a world of hard surfaces, so having plants is very calming, healthy, and therapeutic,” says Andrew Beattie, Owner/Contractor for Ideal Landscape Services in Barrie.

Perhaps it’s just the perception of your yard from a certain angle that requires an aesthetic design to block neighbours, yet it creates a stunning visual for you.

“One of the difficulties homeowners encounter when designing a landscape for the backyard in a strip subdivision, is trying to get a sense of privacy when their neighbours are so close. One way is to design patios and decks, so people naturally sit and view the yard diagonally rather than staring at the back of their neighbour’s house. Introduce visual blockers to keep your attention in the property such as one or two large trees at the back corners of the property,” says Tim Meijs, Owner/Designer at Gardens of Prestige.

Along with fences and greenery to improve your backyard and make it truly feel like a private oasis, adding walkways or structures can enhance the whole look of the space. It also adds value and versatility.

“Patios are a great place to gather and hang out with family and friends. The interlock industry has really stepped up their game with new technologies with interlocking stone. Most contractors have also stepped up their game by introducing inlays, interesting patterns, and mixing products within an area. Mixing 2,3, 4 and even 5 different interlocking stone products really adds to the beauty and value to any hardscape,” explains Beattie.

Water features such as waterfalls or ornamental ponds, as well as lights and Bluetooth speakers, can add tranquility and be stunning additions to your backyard space.

“Build something that naturally attracts your attention such as a water feature, an interesting arbour, or pergola. Plant an attractive specimen plant or tree, or put in a putting green. Outside speakers allow you to enjoy your backyard with friends without disturbing the neighbours. Night lighting extends the use of your backyard when your neighbours have retired for the evening,” says Meijs.

As usual, do your homework too. Ensure your contractor is certified, educated, and well-trained in the industry.

Maybe your yard just needs a pool!


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