Ice Cream 101: The Secret is Out

Everyone has a favourite flavour of ice cream, but do you know the ingredients that go into making it? It’s not just about the fruit, candy, or caramel swirl stirred throughout. It’s about the kind of milk or cream used, the amount of sugar added, or the dairy-free options available.

“Kawartha Dairy has been around since 1937. It’s still owned by the family that started it, still located in the small town where the company was founded (Bobcaygeon), and still using 100% Canadian sourced dairy for all of our products,” says Tom Legere, Marketing Manager of Kawartha Dairy Limited.

Nearly 90% of the milk Kawartha Dairy uses comes from farms located less than 100 kms from their Bobcaygeon location. They get their milk and cream through the Dairy Farmers of Ontario, a co-operative owned by Ontario’s dairy farmers.

“Kawartha Dairy has been making ice cream since the early 1950’s, and we like to think we offer people a true old-fashioned style ice cream. It’s always been made with 100% Canadian dairy ingredients and has one of the highest butterfat levels you’ll find in an ice cream. That’s one of the reasons why it’s so exceptionally creamy,” explains Legere.

The ice cream served at Here’s the scoop at The Parlour in Thornton is a very high-end ice cream from Central Smith Creamery in Peterborough, Ontario. They started making ice cream in 1896.

“They’re the original deal! There’s absolutely no comparison. We’re committed to this product. It’s truly a labour of love. It’s hard work,” says Brenda Coletta, Owner.

Now, what’s the difference between ice cream, sorbet, gelato, and frozen yogurt? Well, it either has milkfat in it, or not. They all taste different too.

“At Swirleez, we serve three different types of frozen soft-serve treats. The first being our staple frozen yogurt. This is a frozen ice cream-like dessert made with a mixture of fresh fat free yogurt and milk. The second type are our gelatos, which are a creamy whole-milk-based ice cream. Lastly, our dairy-free options are our sorbets, which are water based and 100% free from dairy products. It’s like a soft-serve popsicle,” says Ryan Megson, General Manager of Swirleez Frozen Yogurt.

For those of you with food sensitivities, there are now more options to choose from other than just traditional dairy-based ice cream.

“What’s really taken off is the vegan and lactose intolerant ice cream,” says Linda Smith, Owner of The Ice Cream Hut in Midhurst.

Sweet Dreams Ice Cream at the Port of Orillia and Tudhope Park will be providing some alternative options this season too.

“We’re pleased to be able to enhance our customers’ experience by having vegan, gluten free, kosher, and no added sugar options. We’ve been in operation for 29 seasons and have known from the start that superior customer service, welcoming surroundings, and a consistent, unique product are our mainstay,” says Perry Maksymiw, Owner.

This summer, savour the taste of an icy indulgence without worrying about a stomach ache. Chill out, and enjoy!

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