Sometimes there are few words that can truly define the most challenging and sorrowful moments of our human existence. Pregnancy and infant loss exemplify the extreme trauma life can inflict on our emotions, mental well-being, and social relationships.

Here is a Q & A with Theresa Morrison, Founder of Bridget’s Bunnies in Barrie.
Tell me about Bridget’s Bunnies.
Bridget’s Bunnies was founded by myself and husband Mathew Morrison. We provide comfort kits to parents experiencing pregnancy or infant loss at the Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre, and Barrie area. Bridget’s Bunnies is named for our daughter, Bridget Bell Morrison, who was unexpectedly born still one day shy of her due date in November 2017 following a healthy pregnancy. We associate her with bunnies, and we found comfort in a stuffed bunny that was gifted to her.

Bridget’s Bunnies started as a few donated kits to RVH to mark our daughter’s half birthday in May 2018. The kits were quickly utilized, and the hospital asked about receiving more. We were no longer able to provide kits without assistance and decided to ask for help from the public in August 2018. The response has been much larger than we anticipated.

How can people contribute?
Donate directly to us, through Facebook, Instagram, or email You can support us by attending fundraising events, or by donating items from our kits as gifts. We’ve had car seat clinics, basket raffles, jewelry sales, craft shows, and vendor shows held for us.

How does Bridget’s Bunnies benefit the community?

We provide comfort kits to parents and raise awareness around pregnancy and infant loss. We provide opportunities for parents to celebrate their babies. The kits contain a cuddle bunny for parents, a small bunny to stay with the baby, a children’s book to read to the baby, hand print molds, ink pad, book on infant loss, book on grief, baby book designed for babies who’ve died, journals, sleepy tea, sage tea (to decrease milk production), letters from Mat and I, a letter to the caregiver, and a list of local resources. Pregnancy loss comfort kits include a journal, candle, charm, maxi pads, and mesh underwear.

Last year was our inaugural run with 350 registrants. We raised over $33,000. It goes to the RVH NICU and Obstetrics’ Bereavement program and Bridget’s Bunnies. We give parents the opportunity to celebrate their babies by writing their names on pinwheels or run shirts at the run, or parents can simply be present and remember them privately.

We’re hoping this year’s run will be successful enough for us to expand and include comfort kits for siblings, and reach out to other hospitals.

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