The smarter technology gets, the smarter our homes become

Technology has revolutionized our lives so profoundly that buildings, vehicles, and appliances are virtually becoming more animated. We’re increasingly becoming more dependent on technological advances to make our day to day life easier and more functional.

Smart Homes are progressively giving us more confidence in the security of our homes as well as easier control over the devices monitoring them.

“Although not necessarily new, certainly now on the forefront of everyone’s Smart Home Wishlist, is network enabled devices for controlling heat, air conditioning, lights, and window treatments along with security and camera devices for easier control and overall monitoring of your home while you’re there, or while you’re away,” says Brad Trew, Chief Entertainment Officer for Entertaining Interiors in Barrie.

There’s comfort in knowing your home is protected regardless of how long you’re away. Perhaps your canine alarm system has been valuable, but you can’t control or monitor your pooches barking from your Smartphone. Your pets and children can also benefit from the security of a Smart Home. Cameras can be installed and controlled remotely so you can check-in on pets and children, or allow them to enter the house securely and safely.

“A Smart Home isn’t complete without a smart garage. Whether you’re just entering into the Smart Home market, or need something that can integrate with other Smart Home devices, or platforms, LiftMaster myQ technology fits the bill. Built in Wi-Fi enables anywhere access, scheduling, and real time notifications with your Smartphone, or tablet. [You can] allow access to the dogwalker, let the kids in after school, or as an additional safety benefit, delegate garage control to family or friends in case of an emergency. The latest addition to this lineup is Key by Amazon, which allows worry free in-garage delivery for your important packages when you’re away from home. Once the system is installed maintenance is minimal,” says Janet Simpson, Office Coordinator for Kempenfelt Windows & Doors in Barrie.

Smart Home technology is particularly useful for many remote entrepreneurs and businesses. Just like computer security, updated control and maintenance of your Smart Home is vital in protecting your assets, identity, and property.

“Maintaining Smart Home technology isn’t costly, but it’s a necessity. Technology changes and evolves very rapidly, and it’s important to keep up with firmware updates and software advances similar to what you would do with your Smartphone,” says Trew.

Those who delight in spending their winters elsewhere can also find Smart Home technology worthwhile when they’re away.

“The elderly can see great benefits from Smart Technology. Controlling their home’s lighting, shades, HVAC and security from a personal device, is a great convenience from both a security point of view as well as a restricted mobility standpoint,” says Trew.

Overall, a Smart Home is increasingly relied upon for safety. The convenience of having the ability to control your home’s security from the palm of your hand gives you a sense of confidence that your investment, personal possessions, and loved ones are well looked after.

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