You’re wrapped up cozy warm in bed. The digital clock flashes 6:00 AM. Just ten more minutes. You roll over and pull the covers up to your chin. Then the delightful aroma of java wafts by your nose, and you inhale deeply. Mmmmm. Time to get up.

“Brewing at home gives you a great opportunity to try out a variety of alternative ingredients in your coffee. While milk and cream are delicious, perhaps you’d like to try coconut, nut, or oat milk. Or, maybe you’re someone who’d enjoy a flavoured syrup shot instead of sugar,” says Jordan McKenzie, Marketing Manager for Muskoka Roastery Coffee Co. in Huntsville.

There are so many ways you can experiment with coffees, espressos, lattes, and cappuccinos.

“A really vibrant washed African coffee might not make the best espresso, so you might want to do a regular drip, whereas something that’s a nice round balanced central American might make for a great espresso beverage. Something deep and complex from Indonesia might make a really great French press,” educates Scott Campbell, Owner of Grounded Coffee Company in Midland.

It’s also important to use the right ratios when measuring coffee, says Campbell. Use your digital kitchen scale, and weigh your coffee before you make a pot. Don’t go by scoops.

“Choose a premium coffee you love. This is going to be the base to all the café inspired drinks you’re going to make, so you want it to be delicious no matter how you brew it. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different roasts, and try a variety to learn what type of roast you prefer,” says McKenzie.

The initial expense of brewing java at home is dependent on what you want to brew.

“While your traditional drip brewer makes a great cup of coffee, it can be fun to try coffees prepared differently. Items like a mocha pot, bean-to-cup machine, espresso machine, French press, or aero press can give you an entirely different in-cup experience that may become your new favourite. On another note, there’s truly nothing quite like grinding your own beans daily, so a coffee grinder is an encouraged investment. And for those latte and cappuccino lovers, we’d suggest some sort of milk frother,” educates McKenzie.

Brewing at home is also enjoyable for the kids, says Louise Priest, an Owner at The Creemore Coffee Company in New Lowell. “It’s about the kids too. They can make fun stuff like hot chocolate. They can make it themselves.”
Making your own java at home is more environmentally friendly. You can purchase creative travel mugs from places like The Coffee and More Store in Orillia.

“We have triple-walled travel mugs that keep your coffee piping hot for eight hours, or your cold drinks ice cold for 24 hours. They come in awesome colours and designs,” informs Shayne Leigh, Owner of The Coffee and More Store.

“You’ll absolutely not regret learning to be your own at-home barista. Plus, your family and friends will love you for it!” says McKenzie.

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