Most of us have been spending more time at home recreationally and professionally. So, here are tips on sprucing up your property to create an additional space for your family and work life.

“I would encourage anyone looking to complete work in their yard to develop a plan. Whether they’re involving a landscape designer or not, I believe it’s vital. Light conditions, site access, snow loads, electricity, and future use of space are just a few items that should be considered,” advises Tom Sheardown, Designer/Estimator at Michael Scott Landscaping & Design in Orillia.

You might be working on an outdoor project to enjoy now, but it’s important to keep the other seasons in mind to ensure your new Zen space withstands harsh elements and drains properly.

“Gardeners, homeowners, and some maintenance companies have been incorporating LID systems into their programs. LID is Low Impact Development.

Combined with other techniques, it can help improve water management and other environmental benefits to the landscape. In the bigger picture, it helps with the rest of our communities and infrastructure systems,” educates Andrew Beattie, HLT, CIT at Ideal Landscape Services in Barrie.

Design ideas are virtually endless when it comes to creating a relaxing outdoor space for recreation, and most recently, outside home offices.

“I think adding a screened in porch, or adding a gazebo is a great way to get outdoors and stay outdoors at all hours. There’s no need to worry about bugs or rainfall. It’s definitely an investment worth making, especially in our climate,” says Sheardown.

Balance is key to making your outdoor space visually appealing and mentally calming. Use both natural and modern elements to enhance the beauty of your yard.

“It’s always important to have a good balance in the landscape, patio, deck, gardens, and an area of lawn. Some people have wood structures, fire features, and water features. Have more native plants, LID elements, vegetable and herb gardens, and landscape lighting. No matter what you choose to have in your landscape, you’re going to choose what works for you and what you feel will help your immediate environment. All of these elements are good for our well-being. If you have young people, it creates a welcoming environment for them to learn basics,” says Beattie.

If you decide to tackle an outdoor project as a Do-it-Yourself venture, make sure you know what you can handle and what a professional should do.

“People need to know their limitations and research what it takes to complete a project from planning, mobilizing, executing, and finishing. There’s some gardening, lawn maintenance things, and maybe very light construction projects that can be done for the DIY market,” explains Beattie.

Find out what rules must be followed such as utility location, building codes or specifications, and be mindful of property lines.

Also, support your local garden centres and purchase your landscaping plants from them.

“It’s not only great to support local businesses, but I can guarantee the quality will be better,” encourages Sheardown.

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