For the last month and a half, I’ve already been wearing my favourite cardigan. If there’s one thing I don’t like, it’s being cold. Fall fashion this season is full of sweaters, casual wear, and flats. Comfy is the new professional look.

“The fashion world adapted quickly with Covid-19 and took on a more casual approach – think more comfortable and fashionable work-from-home wear, and go-out and run your errands rather than office attire,” says Nicole Birch, Owner of Studio Eleven in Orillia.

It seems every industry has been impacted since the start of this pandemic. In this case, it’s a positive impact on the fashion industry.

“Who knew we’d see an entirely new category in fashion? Well, it’s all things mask and mask-related! Cotton pleated, double and triple layered, wires, adjustable ear loops, slots for filters, and of course lanyards, so you don’t lose them! With weddings sprouting up again, we see women looking for something more attractive,” says Tracey Baker, Owner of ZuZu Fashion Boutique in Barrie.

Along with the changed colours of the leaves, fashion is following close behind to compliment Mother Nature.

“Everything is so different this fall and winter, so unpredictable. I think that’ll be for fashion as well. Cool, comfortable, cozy-casual are the key words,” says Nancy Nevala at Fashion Therapy in Orillia. “Colours are vital. Our specialty are the vibrant melange colours in lambswool and cotton where each fibre has multiple colours.”

Birch also adds, “Think fall leaves, rust, burgundy, and many different reds.” Both Birch and Baker say some of the trends include prints like tie-dye, leopard, stars, skulls, and python.

Something else we haven’t seen for awhile that’s made a huge comeback in the fashion industry are matching tracksuits.

“We saw this start slowly through the spring, but it’s continued into the fall in a big way. The matching tracksuit is not just for lounging at home anymore. It’s a bold fashion statement,”
says Birch.

The material designers are using this fall are just as important as the styles. Soft and pure are the key elements to a perfectly fit favourite sweater.

“Yarns are as pure as we can get them, or a mix of pure qualities in cotton, linen, hemp, wool, and yak. We strive to have qualities that feel soft to the skin,” shares Nevala.

Footwear has also become a point of comfort and casualness, says Birch. Out go the pumps, and in come the flats and white sneakers.

“Boots! Boots! Boots!  Tall and short, high or low. Waterproof has come a long way baby! A tunic (cover the butt), leggings and boots make it easy-to-wear, comfy and fashionable. Throw a jacket over top for a finished look,” enlightens Baker.

The bottom line this fashion season is versatility, says Baker. Pull on a comfy pair of flat front jeans, add a little sparkle, compliment with a small change purse, gloves, or faux fur.

The biggest trend in fashion this year is shopping local!

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