This holiday season is about going all out and surrounding yourself in everything that makes you feel warm and calm inside.

Red is always a front runner when it comes to colour, then red and white, red and gold, red and green, and red and grey, says Devon Byrne, Retail & Floral Design Supervisor for Bradford Greenhouses Garden Gallery in Barrie.

“Buffalo plaid is very popular right now – black and red plaid, or black and white plaid. Textiles are a great way to change up the look and feel of your interior space. You can use a runner down the centre of a table, layering wide with narrow. The larger of the two runners would act as a border. Another possibility is laying down more than one runner under place settings. Think outside the box. Other décor could be used as a runner – a roll of wide art mesh, natural burlap, or a beautiful garland set down the length of the table,” enlightens Byrne.

Mix a bit of sparkle with natural elements that incorporate brown, grey, and white. Stick with a few key items, but use them in multiple ways. Less is more, says Sandi McMillan, Co-Owner of Our House in Barrie.

“2020 is a very different year. Many of us are working from home and going out less, so it’s more important than ever that we love our space. If you’ve been decorating with the same style and colours for years and don’t love it – tap into the vacation fund that you won’t be using this year to invest into new decorations,” suggests Jamie Campbell and Kristopher Orchard at OC Emporium in Orillia.

Add lots of lights to your trees, wreaths, swags, decorative urns, and table tops, and start with artificial garland on mantles and railings that’s long and flowing with pinecones and ribbon. About 2-3 weeks before Christmas, add fresh greenery such as magnolia, spruce, fir, or cedar for an amazing fragrance, says Byrne.

“For people working from home, the background of your Zoom call is an opportunity to make a great first impression. Go ahead and add some decoration to your office space, but keep it simple and classy. It’ll become a reflection of you, as well as the business or company you represent,” says Campbell and Orchard.

Be creative with scented and battery-operated candles with a timer. Fairy lights, also known as string or rice lights, are a great substitute for pillar candles and add a calming ambiance to any room, adds Byrne.

“Scented soy candles are a great way to enhance the tone of a space. Our Mariposa Forest candle is a favourite during the holidays for clients who are unable to have a real tree in their home, but enjoy a fresh forest scent. Our cranberry and cinnamon-inspired soy candle scents are a clean and eco-friendly way to cue up the festive spirit,” recommend Campbell and Orchard.

And don’t forget one critical element this holiday season. “Gnomes always need a home,” reminds McMillan.

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