The New Year isn’t the only time to make resolutions – but anytime someone says the word resolution, it’s usually followed by something like this: hit the gym, eat more veggies, take chances, reduce stress, live a healthier life – you know the drill. Each and every year we craft a list with the intention to finally start living our best life. And each and every year, without fail, we always seem to fall off the wagon.

I think I speak for many when I say that the last two years changed everything. For many of us, it put life into perspective. The last two years have forced us out of our comfort zones, into stressful situations, and provided the opportunity to learn what truly matters.

Now, in 2022, we have the chance to take this new perspective and act on it. With help from local experts, we’re providing an alternative approach to the typical resolution. One that focuses on the mind, the spirit, and the body. We understand fitting into that old pair of jeans is nice – but how we feel on the inside is what truly counts.

Anita Kaur is a Wellness Coach at Jeevanaya Wellness in Barrie. She believes a simple, holistic approach and a connection with nature aid in the healing process. After injuring her spine in an accident in 2003, Anita turned to holistic healing and never looked back. It inspired her to found Jeevanaya which supports physical, mental, and emotional health with Ayurveda, yoga, mindfulness, massage therapy, and other holistic practices.

When it comes to setting goals for the New Year, Anita says the road to perfect health is more than just hitting the gym. “It is a state of mind that ultimately leads to great health – physical, mental, and spiritual. Once that state of mind is achieved, manifesting our goals becomes easier.”

Like Anita, life skills and empowerment strategist, Kristina Jansz, is passionate about helping people cultivate self-awareness to help to align their energy level and create more peace in their day.

“Mental health is extremely important when it comes to setting and achieving goals,” she says, adding, “Think of it this way: if you are about to set out on the road trip of your dreams, you would first make sure that your vehicle is in top working order because the last thing you want is it for it to break down in the middle of your journey.”

If you’re not sure how to get started on this new approach to the resolution, one that focuses on the health of your mind and body – our experts know just where to start.

Kristina says there are five places you should focus your attention when it comes to goal setting:
1. Have a clear idea of what your goal is and then break it down into small, manageable steps.

2. Do whatever it takes to visualize where you want to go – vision boards, affirmations, studying role models who have achieved a similar goal, listening to motivational podcasts – it will help you stay engaged and motivated.

3. Build periods of rest into your journey.

4. While being focused, also be flexible. If you have a setback or meet a roadblock, change your plan, your direction, or the nature of your goal. Flow around it or over it like water in a stream.

5. Keep brain science in mind. Repetition of a new behavioural pattern will strengthen the pathway connected to it – and soon it will become a new norm.

As for Jeevanaya Wellness, Anita says there are yoga and mindfulness programs both in person and online. “Even though we really prefer the energy of a group in our physical studio space, we also honour and accept the change in our circumstances due to the recent global changes, where many of us are more comfortable joining the sessions online,” she adds.

In January 2022, Jeevanaya is offering a program to high school students, who are facing challenges from their home environment, and need guidance to help see their goals clearly through 10 sessions of program. They will introduce some guest speakers and experts on different subjects for these children to gain confidence in their approach. All of these session will include 20 minutes of mindfulness practice and healthy goal setting for 2022.

Resolutions should make your life less stressful – so with guidance from these two ladies, kick-off new goals that truly matter to you!


Jeevanaya Wellness, Barrie

Kristina Jansz, Barrie

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