Swift swaps for new homeowners

Each year, millions of homes are sold across the country. Are you one of these new homeowners?  If so, you’ve most likely felt the urge to settle in immediately.  However, before making any major renovations, try starting small and work your way up to big projects.  Here are a few swift swaps that will have a big impact in making that new house feel like “home sweet home.”

Personalize with Paint

It may be the most obvious update, but painting is an easy solution to change the look of a room in an instant.  Whether you paint an entire room, create a bold accent wall or incorporate glossy white trim, paint is an affordable fix for any home.

Painting is also a great way to add a personal touch and showcase your design style.  Looking to add a fun pattern to a space?  Rather than messing around with wallpaper, try using a patterned paint roller to create a beautiful stencil-like design.  By taking this route, you’ll get the beauty of expensive wallpaper at the cost of ordinary paint – all with an ease never before imagined.

Fabulous Frames

When moving into a new space, the things you love should take centre stage.  Once your home reflects who you are, the rest will slowly fall into place.  Photo frames are the ideal choice to add a decorative and personalized touch to any room.  Bring this common décor pick into the modern age by creating a personal gallery and displaying frames of varying shapes and sizes.  To do this, plan the layout of the frames before hanging, either with paper on the wall or by arranging them on the floor.  Once the design is determined, fill frames with your favourite art pieces or personal photos for an eye-catching display that will make your house your home.

Faucet Focus

Kitchen and bath makeovers tend to have the biggest impact on a home and its resale value. However, new homeowners who are strapped for cash may not have a large budget for a full-scale bathroom remodel.

The easiest way to remodel your bathroom is to replace its hardest-working fixture – the faucet.  This is also a project new homeowners can tackle themselves at a reasonable price.  Moen offers a wide variety of faucet options, like the single-handle Boardwalk bathroom faucet, to add a fresh, elegant look to the sink.  Boardwalk fits almost any décor and comes in Moen’s Spot Resist Brushed Nickel finish, which resists fingerprints and water spots, so the faucet will stay looking clean as you show it off to family and friends.  For a polished look, swap out old hardware with affordable, coordinated accessories including robe hooks, towel rings and towel bars.

Let There be Light

Light is an essential element for any room.  Until your home is furnished and decorated to your liking, lighting is a great way to add warmth to a sparse space.  With just a few fixtures in the right place, a space can easily appear bigger, taller, longer or cozier.  If you’re looking to reduce the overall scale of a room, consider placing several table lamps throughout to create an intimate atmosphere.  In addition to setting the mood, amp up energy savings with lighting by switching to LED bulbs – these bulbs don’t cause heat buildup and last up to 10 times as long as compact fluorescents and 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

When making these changes to a new home, keep track of your hard work by creating a homeowner’s journal.  Purchase a ring binder to keep insurance papers, repair receipts and all other paperwork pertaining to home upgrades, energy improvements or damages.  Storing all home information in one handy place will make life easier during future repairs and can be helpful tool when selling down the road.

It’s very easy for decorating to become overwhelming for new homeowners.  By starting with these few swift home décor swaps, your new home will be a comfortable and welcoming environment in no time. (NC)

LL: Watch for our January/February 2014 issue for great ideas on creating an inviting bathroom.

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