Tap into your light preference to get a better night’s sleep

Every person falls into one of two categories when it comes to sleep environments, according to home décor expert, Karl Lohnes.  The first type is categorized as a “cave person”, one who needs window fashions that make the room pitch black in the morning.  The second type is a “cloud person”, one who needs light to come through in the morning in order to wake up.

Lohnes offers the following tips on how to decorate your bedroom in order to get a good night’s sleep based on your light preferences:

If you are a “cave person,” you should use rich paint colours, deeper-toned bedding and dark-stained furniture to create a more intimate space.  Two fabulous colourways like chocolate brown and blue are an ideal combination for the base colours.  The brown can set the tone of the room while the lighter blue can serve as a striking contrast.  Go darker on the walls and add accessories with darker accents.  Examples include a prominent lamp with a tan shade and a black base, throw pillows in dark blue, gold and black and an accent rug with black trim and muted colours in the centre.

If you are a “cloud person,” use light, reflective colours, wood tones and artwork to keep the bedroom bright and airy.  Accent the room with bright and airy accessories, including a lamp with a white or cream shade and a golden base, a vivid turquoise throw pillow and a rug with warm colours surrounded by cream trim.

Remember, says Lohnes, if you are a “cave person,” the best window fashions are those that block out light. If you are a “cloud person,” you need something that will let light filter through and allow you to wake up to light coming into the room so that you are not woken up and agitated by it.

One shade for all

Did you know, there is now a product that works for both cloud and cave people? The new Silhouette A Deux window shadings deliver translucency and room-darkening all in one product, Lohnes points out.

Retailers also tell us that Silhouette shadings beautifully soften and diffuse the light with their sheer facings and fabric vanes.  This new design pairs a variety of trend-forward fabrics and a room-darkening roller shade.  The back roller shade operates independently of the Silhouette shading and can be positioned to provide as much or as little light as desired.

With these tips, a good night’s sleep is just a wink away.

More information is available online at www.hunterdouglas.ca. (NC)

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