Transitions Exhibit @ Trias Gallery

Spring is in the air but winter will not go without a fight. This time of year can bring subtle change but is often accompanied by periods of extremes – a beautiful, balmy moment in the sun, followed by a blast of cold and snow that can last a single day. The Trias Gallery has been split down the middle with two aspects that reflect this transition with a series of new works from 17 gallery artists.

Works on the south east walls depict the warm tones of the seasons to come with a special emphasis on flora and growth. An outstanding piece, “Creemore Vista” an oil on canvas piece by Douglas Edwards, is a oasis of stillness that marks a moment in time where the wind softly moves across the rolling hills and the sun gently warms the skin. The artist spent some time in Italy in his early years and the time he had to train in understanding atmospheric painting techniques, enlivens his current work to achieve his unique approach to Canadian landscape painting.  An accompanying selection of exuberant bronze figures leap and dance in the space to celebrate the season of renewal.
A Strange Lack of Concern, by ??
A Strange Lack of Concern
On our north west walls hang a selection of images with a calmness and cool tone that have a quiet stillness. Of special note is a mixed media piece by Mary Wright, “A Strange Lack of Concern”. Also a practicing psychoanalyst, Mary’s describes her technique as “thinking works – moments in the landscape of the mind” that are both playful and allusive.  The cello musician engages us with her gaze, but a sinister story is being told in the surrounding text. The selection of Inuit carvings to accompany the introspective cool walls are from a young emerging group of carvers from the Dorset Co-op of Baffin Island.
Visit the gallery at its new location: 11 Bronte Road, Unit 29, Oakville.

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