Say “Opa!” to the flavours of Greece

Cue the bouzouki music, we’re warming up April with the bright, fresh flavours of Greece, inspired by Ontario ingredients.

Casual and made for sharing, these sunny recipes are easy to fix and guaranteed to please the whole family.

Start by setting out a few small dishes (mezes), including our delicious make-ahead Red Pepper Feta Spread. Just whirl softened greenhouse peppers in the blender with local feta cheese and a pinch of red pepper flakes and serve with warmed pita wedges. Leftovers make a delicious sandwich or burger spread.


Simply-prepared meat grilled over charcoal is another Greek tradition, and our Grilled Chicken with Fresh Greek Salad fits right in. A salad of in-season tomatoes and crisp greenhouse cucumbers offers a welcome taste of summer.



For a colourful side dish, get the kids to help make Greek Salad Kabobs, brushed with garlicky yogurt and served on plates lined with greenhouse lettuce leaves. Make it a meal by adding cubes of grilled Ontario pork or chicken and wrapping in a pita.


Since the Greeks are sweet on honey, our Baby Honey Cakes are a natural fit. These tender, golden cakes are made in muffin tins and brushed with warm Ontario honey. Serve with a dollop of honeyed yogurt and let the dancing begin. Opa!


source: foodlandontaro

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