Transform your cocktail cart to a salad cart

The bar cart is a trendy item that has entered Canadian homes. It is perfect for entertaining and offering your guests a number of beverage options. Another great use for a bar cart is to transform it into a salad cart. Inside or out, here are some tips so your guests can customize their salads at your next family gathering:

Optional ingredients – options are vital so that your guests can create their own custom salads. Having a variety of greens and other ingredients and including both savoury and sweet flavours allows your guests to create their own delicious masterpieces in no time at all.

Bowl vs. Plate – some people have the preference of enjoying their salad in a bowl versus a plate. Give your guest the benefit of choice and offer up both on your cart.

Toppings – Offer a variety of toppings such as croutons, seeds and berries and chopped vegetables and arrange them in separate glass bowls.

Dress it up differently – everyone has their own preference of salad dressing, some like light vinaigrette, and some like a creamier thicker dressing. Providing a variety of salad dressings will please your guests’ taste buds and get them thinking about creating their own salad. Marzetti Simply Dressed is very popular because it is made with extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and canola oil.


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