Living Room Makeover by A Room in Mind

Located in a stunning neighborhood in Ontario’s Oakville, this recently revamped space was transformed into a stylish and cozy hideaway for this busy young couple. The perfect place for entertaining was created for a pair of very unique clients.

The clients, Heather and Peter are young doctors living an extremely busy lifestyle. When they aren’t working long hours at the hospital, they enjoy traveling around the world. This does not leave a lot of time left in their schedules for decorating! The main level of their home, specifically the living room and piano room, were areas where they were craving BIG CHANGE. Heather and Peter love to entertain and had just recently renovated their backyard into an incredible place to throw social events. Now it was time to invest in these other spaces….they were dying to be FUNCTIONAL AND STYLISH!

The living room was overwhelmed by large furniture pieces; some of which were Peter’s favourite items. The colour scheme and patterns were dated and dark. Heather was looking for something NEW, BRIGHT, and FRESH! The compromise was met by keeping the existing sofa but balancing the size with the right sized toss cushions, area rug, and new complimenting furniture pieces. A cozy chaise lounge and two subtle animal print patterned arm chairs truly pulled the space together. All three pieces were customized with details that balanced WEIGHT, COLOUR AND STYLE. The walls were brightened with a soft neutral, and pops of COLOUR were brought in with bold throw pillows and incredible abstract art. The transformation was night and day! The living room is now the perfect place to entertain, and is equally a perfect space to  read or enjoy a quiet glass of wine after a long day of work.



The piano room had similar dilemmas. Heather feared that the space lacked character, seating, and was too dark. The clients felt the room missed the opportunity of being used to it’s full potential. ARIM thoughtfully planned the changes around the client’s love for music. The stunning grand piano became the focal point, the walls were toned down to a coordinating soft neutral, and seating was added by using two custom lounge chairs. The fabric on the chairs and drapery were so unique, giving them a tasteful amount of SPARKLE.  Music inspired artwork, a touch of COLOUR in the toss cushions, and a new silk rug added the subtle touches to give this room a brand new feel. This created another perfect space for Heather and Peter to entertain and relax with music.


Together the two rooms were given new life, complimenting both the client’s lifestyle and design tastes. Both rooms worked together in harmony creating visually pleasing flow from room to room. Using FUNCTIONALITY and STYLE, the perfect place for a young couple to live and entertain came to life through great design.

Article by Keely Coles and Katie Taylor

A Room in Mind

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