Review: The Golden Coast Tea Club

When I walked into Golden Coast Tea Club, I was welcomed by a sweet aroma coming from freshly made teas. The décor was simplistic and neat, with touches of Chinese culture on the tables.


One of the first things I noticed was the wall of special teas, and then the chalkboard menu above the front counter. Although it took a while to decide on which of the teas I wanted, I managed to narrow my choice down to a peach bubble tea. As far as I know, this is the ONLY place to get a bubble tea in Oakville – a fact that will definitely bring me back.


I will also be back because of the very accommodating staff. When I entered the tea shop, I was greeted with a smile and shown the variety of teas available. After mentioning that I would soon bring my mom to the tea club because she loves tea, I was given two samples of tea with printed instructions on how to prepare it. Of course, my mom loved it!


The combination of Golden Coast Tea Club’s excellent service, comfortable sit-down area and delicious teas makes it a perfect spot for an afternoon break with friends and family. A must while visiting Oakville!


Golden Coast Tea Club

278 Kerr Street

Oakville, ON

Review by Jessie Borsellino


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