13 Cool DIYs Using Old Winter Sports Equipment

Got any old outdoor sports gear like skis, toboggans, broken hockey sticks or snowshoes in storage?

If you do and you don’t know what to do with them, other than recall the nostalgic days of when you last used them take some inspiration from these images from Pinterest to change your cluttered equipment into something practical and practically cool.

A Wooden Toboggan:

Turn it into a bench for the bedroom or front hall.
Use it as a message board and letter holder.
Turn a vintage medical sled into a coffee table.

Old Skis:

Create a coat rack.
Design some wall-mounted coat racks.
Use them as decorative backdrop decor.
Compose some colourful wall art.

Old Snowshoes:

Turn a pair of snowshoes into a pair of rustic sconces.
Keep a message board at the front entrance.

Ski Poles:

Crafted into a tripod table lamp.

Hockey Sticks:

Horses for the little ones. Giddy up!
A custom chair for a boy – or girl’s room!
A unique headboard for the sports-themed bedroom.

What kinds of DIY decor have you created? Tell us!

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