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Whether you work at home 24/7, opt out of your commute once or twice a week, or simply have a designated area in your house to pay bills, it’s important to have an area that’s functional, cohesive and promotes productivity. We asked interior designer, Jackie Glass for her tips on creating a fabulous home office space.

In order to create an efficient office at home, Glass says it’s important to consider how you’ll use the space. “Incorporating elements into the design that suit your specific needs and also address the way you work, will make you want to spend time there and be more productive,” she says. “I also believe work should have a component of fun to it. So I like to create inspiration boards on inexpensive cork boards, or perhaps paint a chalk board wall (chalkboard paint comes in many colours) and fill it with inspirational sayings and notes.” We’d all like to win the lottery, but the truth is we spend much of our lives working, so our home office space should be fun and inspiring.

Thankfully home office workers aren’t bound by the confines of a putty-coloured cubicle. According to Glass, green is the choice hue for the home office this year. “Green, from a psychological point of view, is the most soothing of all colours,” she says. “That’s why I often choose a colour from the green family when selecting a colour palette for the home office. This year the colour will be lighter and sharper, evoking memories of freshly mown grass but with some grey undertones.”

Just as Nana used to say, ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’ – which is especially important for a room or space that holds important paperwork. A few key storage pieces will keep things organized and tidy. Natural fibre baskets are readily available and work well in colours such as espresso or natural tones depending on which matches your decor best. By quickly and easily hiding what’s inside they’re great for placing in wall units, on bookshelves and cubbies. Since they come in various shapes and sizes, buy a few for storage options of various items you need to keep out of the way. Of course desktop storage solutions and decor items are also a home office must. Lucite or leather storage caddies in various colours are great for pens, pencils and paperclips. Wooden blocks made to hold iPads are also an attractive way to stay connected and organized.

Ideally your home office should be located in a quiet space in the house, away from commonly used rooms like family rooms and kitchens. If your home office is located in a room that’s visible from or integrated into primary rooms in the house, its style and décor should reflect and complement the overall style of the home. Think about copying the style of the kitchen cabinetry when designing built-ins for a home office. The colour can vary but keep door styles the same for visual flow. With so many fabulous furniture stores in our area, there is no reason why you cannot create an inviting and properly equipped space that’s calm and quiet. Remember to include good window treatments to block the light when working on computers. With the proper elements to work efficiently, your productivity will sky rocket, leaving you time to do more of the fun things in life!

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