What’s Hot This Spring? The Latest Local Fashion Trends

As retail continues to adapt to a constantly changing world, fashion designers are also looking for ways to reinvent their
brands this spring, fusing nostalgic 60’s and 70’s styles with futuristic angles and embellishments. Boho-inspired looks continue to dominate, as crop tops, gingham and suede find their way back into the most discerning of wardrobes.

“Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.”
Miranda Priestley’s sarcastic comment in “The Devil Wears Prada” rings true this spring as fl oral prints take centre stage again for another bright and colourful palette this season. This year, look for bold prints featuring orange, green, browns and yellows reminiscent of the Age of Aquarius for those of you old enough to remember.

Go for the Crop Top
The crop top is back with a vengeance, showing up paired with everything from skinny jeans to long taffeta skirts. Look for fitted off-shoulder styles or boxy cuts with sheer embellishments. The crop is hot, like it or not!

Gingham isn’t just for Picnics
Let’s face it, not everyone is going to embrace the picnic blanket look, but if you do you’ll be right on trend! Gingham in black and white is especially hot this spring and works well with the A-line skirt revival you’ll see everywhere. Look for gingham trench coats and skinny trouser pants  for added sophistication.

Flat Shoes and Sneakers
This season you can give your tootsies a break and embrace your little girl self because flat shoes and sneakers are all the rage. Update your look with a mid-calf fitted skirt, cropped jean jacket and sneakers for full-on comfort and style.


Restructured Denim and Suede Revival
Vintage denim is always on trend, but this season, lace, studs, jewels, painted sleeves and suede are being used to spruce up jackets, skirts and jeans, giving you an edgy look that is sure to delight!

On the Fringe
Fringe fashion, another great throwback from the 60’s (not to mention the roaring 20’s), have found their way back, adding pizazz to hemlines. #Groovy!


Boot Sandals
While shoe-booties have been all the rage for the past two years, shoe designers have pushed the envelope this spring by fusing boots and sandals together for a futuristic and updated gladiator look. The boot-sandal look is edgy and refreshing but not for the faint of heart.

Embrace Culture
Aztec jewelry continues to be on trend but keep an eye open for recycled materials like brass and copper finding their way into your accessories. Old bells accent high fashion handbags while recycled juice containers are weaved together to makecolourful and durable beach bags.

Shark Tooth Jewelry
We’re wild about this new trend! Not real shark teeth, of course, but look out for ceramic, broken glass shards, or shark tooth shaped semiprecious stones on long chains.

Whatever style catches your imagination, the real emerging trend taking hold this year is the return to quality, nostalgia and environmentally responsible products. As mass retail corporations pack up shop and exit the Canadian landscape, locally owned shops and boutiques continue to source out unique, high-fashion and ethically produced products that will make you look great. That also helps to keep all your local neighbourhood shops humming away.

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By Sherine Mansour

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