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Nuworld Botanicals Introduces ‘The Blending Bar, Famously Fresh!’ At Anise Apothecary

Nuworld Botanicals is thrilled to introduce “The Blending Bar at Anise Apothecary”, located in charming downtown Burlington,

Ontario!  The Blending Bar concept offers customer’s at the shop the opportunity to design a custom spa-grade body, bath and skincare product-  perfectly suited to their scent preferences and skincare concerns.

The Blending Bar is a fresh and fun shopping experience, highly personalized and interactive. Our goal is to give guests what they want, how they want it, and the desired results they are trying to achieve.

Highlights of The Blending Bar at Anise Apothecary:

  • The menu is focused on a limited offering of take-home spa product treatments including Mineral Scrubs, Shea Body Creams, Sun-Dried Mineral Clay Masks, 100% Pure Oils for Face, Body, Bath and Hair.
  • A carefully curated range of pure and organic essential oils, concentrated botanical extracts and pure plant oils  are available at the bar to enhance and customize your product treatment.photo-31-300x249
  • Discover your favourite scents at the ‘Scentini Bar’ and indulge in a pure sensory journey – featuring exotic absolutes, organic essential oils and Aromatherapy Personals wellness blends.
  • The possibilities for customization are endless-  every visit can be as unique the next, or re-created just like the last with the help of ‘Personal Recipe Cards’.
  • Nuworld Botanical’s signature Aromatherapy Personals blends are available to support the therapeutic experience, catering to one’s state of wellness – from Stress Relief to Mental Clarity.
  • Nuworld Botanical’s signature Superskin Nourisher Oil, a specially created oil blend for use on the whole body (and sensitive skin) is quickly and easily transformed to address your specific skin concerns, from wrinkles to eczema.photo-51-211x300
  • Facial clay mask treatments combine the therapeutic qualities of pure healing clays with your choice of over 15 botanical extracts like Guava, Green Tea, Seabuckthorn, Ginseng and Olive Leaf.

Scent sensitivities? No problem.  Take home a naturally unscented product treatment. And be sure to ask about our Sampling Program to receive complimentary product samples with every order.

This promises to be a unique experience for every Anise guest and we are tremendously excited to partner with such an amazing mother-daughter team Monique and Saska at Anise Apothecary.

-Have Fun & Happy Blending!

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