Fish On! – Go fishing with Dad this Father’s Day

Father’s Day

Next time you drive over the bridge that links Burlington to Oakville – from New Street to Rebecca Street – make sure you glance a little northward.  Underneath the bridge, you’ll see a virtual oasis of trees and streams, which also happens to be a little known fishing spot.  Talk about Mother Nature mingling within the concrete jungle.  Petro Canada Park is one of this area’s natural gems and also one of the many great spots for fishing in Halton.

Fishing is a great Father’s Day activity because it’s an excellent way for dads to reconnect with the kids, whether they’re young or all grown up.  Once the bait is on the hook, it’s all about patience and waiting for that tug on the end of the line.  There are a surprising number of places to fish in Halton, and all are listed on Conservation Halton’s web site.

One of them is Sixteen Mile Creek, which flows from the Niagara Escarpment through the towns of Milton and Oakville, and provides a cold-water habitat for brown and rainbow trout.  The Oakville Harbour is a great spot to fish for trout and salmon before they make their spawning runs.  If you want to combine fishing with a getaway weekend, you can camp at Bronte Creek Provincial Park and fish in Bronte Creek where, in some parts, you’ll find brook trout and brown trout.  Upstream from Bronte Harbour there are resident fish species such as smallmouth bass and migratory species such as rainbow trout, lake-run brown trout, Chinook salmon and white sucker.

Further north, there’s the Mountsberg Reservoir, which has been described as a largemouth bass angler’s Mecca with fish weighing in at more than five pounds.  At the Hilton Falls reservoir, you’ll find largemouth bass, while Kelso Lake has rainbow trout, brown trout, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, yellow perch and pumpkinseed.

With all the lakes, rivers and streams that run through this province, there are also lots of places to escape to outside of Halton if you’re looking for a fishing weekend getaway.  But wherever you choose to fish, you will be guaranteed fresh air, peace and quiet, beautiful natural habitats, and the opportunity for Dad to bond with the kids.  Doesn’t that sound like a perfect way to spend this Father’s Day?10 Tips on Fishing with Kids
The Government of Ontario ( offers these 10 tips to make your fishing experience a memorable one:

  1. Relax! Bring a smile, an open mind, and a lot of patience (and a camera).
  2. Keep it simple. An inexpensive rod and reel, with live bait and a bobber, will get you off to a good start.
  3. Fish from shore. Kids sometimes need a chance to run around.
  4. Fish for little fish. Kids care more about the number of fish they catch than the size. Sunfish and other pan-sized fish are plentiful and easy to hook.
  5. Make it fun. Praise children for their patience, their cooperation, and simply for trying.
  6. Teach skills…patiently. Kids learn by doing, so don’t do everything for them.
  7. Help children problem-solve. Lines get tangled. Hooks get snagged. Fish stop biting. Identifying a problem and finding its solution is a valuable life skill.
  8. Be flexible. If your child is too excited to sit still with a bobber and live bait, change tactics or move to a different spot.
  9. Be a good eco-citizen. Don’t litter, follow the fishing regulations, and release any fish you don’t plan to eat.
  10. Don’t stay too long. End your trip on a high note.

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