Taste Marketeria Opens Sept 1!

Taste Marketeria

People driving through Bronte might think they’ve fallen down Alice’s fabled rabbit hole – complete with six and a half foot giant carrots growing magically from the ground. If people did a double take they’re not imagining things. As a teaser for the much-anticipated opening of TASTE Marketeria, two large trees flanking the entrance have been turned into giant carrots. Why carrots? “The carrots are a giant symbol for all we stand for – local, organic and fresh,” said Doug Greco, owner and president of Catch Hospitality. The carrots were created by Audacity Advertising & Design Inc, as part of the branding for TASTE Marketeria and provide the perfect backdrop for the local farmers market it will be hosting throughout the summer and into the fall. They are a must see.

Scheduled to open September 1, 2015, TASTE Marketeria is a gourmet food shop and veritable feast for the senses. Offering culinary finds from around the world, preserves, cheeses, truffles, rubs and marinades, porcini’s, coffees and olive oils just to mention a few. “When you start with the best ingredients it’s a difference you can taste, and we pride ourselves on bringing the very best food experiences to Bronte” says Doug Greco.

Shoppers should start their journey by visiting the barista who will introduce them to exotic flavours from far off lands to take on their tour. The perfect fresh baked companion can be found at the bakery where they’ll also find fresh baked breads. Next the fishmonger will satisfy everyone’s fresh and organic seafood cravings. While the butcher has the best local meats to keep barbecues sizzling yearlong. Other stops include the fresh pasta area, cheese bar and prepared foods – serving favourites from the many restaurants of Catch Hospitality.

Prominently featured, front, row center is an 18-person rustic table that undoubtedly will be booked solid. As Doug Greco puts it, “Our vision is to bring the best of the world’s cuisine to Bronte”. Their Chef tours will feature the very best chefs and their diverse dishes and styles. Guests can expect to experience cultural favourites from such faraway places such as Peru, which is on the cutting edge of gastronomy today. It’s an opportunity for diners to not only let their taste buds intermingle with exotic ingredients but also to interact directly with the star chef.

As any food aficionado will explain wine and food have a special relationship where each enhances the flavour of the other. Not surprisingly wine is near and dear to the heart of TASTE Marketeria as well and it’s where wine lovers can sample specialty consignment wines not available at the LCBO. When they try one they absolutely must have at their next soirée, TASTE Marketeria will deliver a case right to their door.

The back of TASTE Marketeria serves as the catering arm of Catch Hospitality, ensuring its many restaurants are stocked daily with all the fresh ingredients and staples that have made them favourites of area residents. Essentials like fresh homemade pasta, which patrons will be delighted to know is available up front.


src: catchhospitality

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