Doggie Donation Drive with Life With Dogs

Doggie Donation

LIFE with Dogs Facebook Group will be holding their 1st Annual Doggie Donation Drive to benefit Toronto Humane Society, OMHS, The Dog Rescuers Inc. & Animal ResQ on Sunday December 13, 2015, from 1pm to 3pm at DogDen Daycare located at 5325 Harvester Rd, Burlington.

LIFE with Dogs is an online community on Facebook consisting of local dog owners and enthusiasts who share stories, ideas, experiences and resources related to canine care and companionship. With the holiday season coming up, and with constant news stories about dogs in shelters needing new homes, the group decided to collect some items to donate to various shelters and rescues. What started out as a simple toy drive quickly grew into a large event complete with generous sponsorship from businesses and individuals a like.

“Dogs are not just part of our life, they make our life whole!” says Michelle McAuley, administrator for the online group. “Having a large following of dog owners and enthusiasts share their journey in life with dogs, and to see everyone come together to help create awareness in our community is very inspiring.” McAuley says that the donations will be used to provide shelter and rescue dogs with the basic necessities to ensure their overall well being while waiting for their second chance at life in a forever home & family.

“We are excited that we can help shelters and rescues in the GTA that are only funded by the generosity of those in the community. We hope to create awareness through this campaign, and to raise much needed funds and donations for the Homeless, Abandoned and Stray Dogs in need.”

Some of the most needed items include food, bedding, paper towels, linens (such as towels, sheets and blankets), leashes, martingale collars, enrichments toys, food puzzles to help keep dogs busy and challenged, and treats for behavioural training to help prepare dogs for their new life. “Cash donations are also welcome as we will donate proceeds to dogs requiring medical attention.”

Volunteers who wish to help can contact McAuley by email at for more information.

All donations can be dropped off on Sunday December 13 from 1pm to 3pm at Dog Den located at 5325 Harvester Rd Burlington, (905) 631-5454. Dog Den is a dog daycare who has generously donated the use of their facility for the event Dogs are welcome. We will hold a raffle for delightful sponsored gifts, and offer beverages, light snacks and doggie treats shall to all who attend and donate towards our Charity Drive as our token of appreciation.

“It’s not only a great cause, but a great way to meet up with other like-minded Pet Parents!” says Michelle McAuley. “At the end of the donation drive, everything will be divided and delivered by volunteers to the various shelter and rescue organizations. These organizations do such a great job with the animals in their care, and they could all use the support of our community throughout the GTA.”

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