Love My Hood: Winter Games Edition

Winter Games

The City of Burlington is restructuring the Lowville Winter Games and will bring pop-up events to neighbourhood rinks across the city.

All 16 parks with a maintained neighbourhood rink will be eligible for a Love My Hood: Winter Edition pop- up rink event, weather permitting. At least one rink per ward will get an introduction to the Love My Hood: Winter Edition neighbourhood event program, which will include complimentary hot chocolate and games geared to the ground conditions. Weekends where there is snow will feature snow games and activities, such as snow painting and snowshoeing while weekends without snow will have family-friendly lawn darts and scavenger hunts.

“These Love My Hood: Winter Edition pop-up events will help bring neighbours together,” said Chris Glenn, director of parks and recreation. “We hope to see neighbours come out of their homes to play together and enjoy outdoor recreation during the winter months.”

Lowville Park, while it currently does not have a neighbourhood group managing a neighbourhood rink at that location, will host a Love My Hood: Winter Edition pop-up event instead of the traditional Lowville Winter Games.

The city will advertise pop-up events at each local rink and to houses near each pop-up event. Residents should look for a poster at their neighbourhood rink and a postcard in their door or can check the city’s event calendar at

For more information on these events, visit , email or call the event hotline at 905-335-7766.

For more information on the Neighbourhood Rink program, visit , email or call 905-335-7600, ext. 6454.

Instead of the annual Lowville Winter Games, watch for a Love My Hood: Winter Edition pop-up Neighbourhood Rink party at your local outdoor rink.

The city is planning to host a number of pop-up events at local neighbourhood rinks throughout the winter. There will be up to 18 smaller neighbourhood events in lieu of the Lowville Winter Games.

  • Tobogganing and skating (weather permitting)
  • Weather-related games
    • If there’s snow: snow painting and snowshoeing
    • If there’s no snow: family-friendly lawn darts and a scavenger hunt
  • Complimentary hot chocolate

Check out the Love My Hood: Winter Edition toolkits that will be available to you so you can host your own neigbourhood event next winter.

Did you know that Lowville Park is a eligible for a Neigbourhood Rink? Residents interested in hosting a neigbourhood rink in Lowville Park can find more information at


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