Kathleen Wynne Visit’s Oakville and Speaks With Local Business Owners

Kathleen Wynne visited Oakville on Friday, January 13th, and spoke with the Oakville and Burlington Chambers of Commerce. At the core of her message was, of course, hydro rates and the need to lower costs both at home and for businesses alike. But she also spoke about the need for increased infrastructure – connecting Hamilton, Burlington and Oakville with Union Station more effectively, and efficiently.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Premier Wynne is focusing on this community to deliver her message, as Oakville and Burlington are such wonderful places to both live and operate a business. Wynne reminded the room that, despite having many large scale operations such as Ford, Siemens and PwC choosing to do business out of Oakville and Burlington, we also have a tremendous amount of local entrepreneurs who call Oakville and Burlington home and the surrounding community their clients. As a local magazine, it is our mandate to support those entrepreneurs and inform the residents of this community of them.

Premier Wynne’s speech was well received by the over 400 Chamber members who attended the lunch, but not without criticism and a series of questions in the follow-up question and answer period delivered by members of the Oakville and Burlington chambers. You can watch the full speech and Q & A above. If you are a local business reading this, we highly recommend joining the Oakville and Burlington Chambers of Commerce. For more information, click on the corresponding links:



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