Ontario Apple Guide

Available in more than a dozen varieties from Ontario orchards starting in early September, apples have a mild sweet flavour and a lovely crunch. All varieties are good choices for snacks and slicing onto salads.

If you’re cooking with apples, try these ideas for great results:

  • Sauces: Ontario Crispin, Golden Delicious and McIntosh are wonderful varieties for making homemade applesauce. Enjoy it spooned over waffles or slices of Ontario pork tenderloin.
  • Baked goods: Ontario Cortland, Jonagold, Northern Spy and Spartan make delicious apple pie, crisp and crumble fillings. If you prefer a tarter flavour in your desserts choose the Idared variety.
  • Bread stuffing: Diced and combined with bread, thyme and sage, Ontario McIntosh, Empire or Cortland apples are a great addition to bread stuffing recipes.

Visit a farm or orchard this season to buy Ontario apples or pick your own. Go to ontariofarmfresh.com,
farmersmarketsontario.com or harvestontario.com to locate one near you. (source: Foodland Ontario)

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