Spring into outdoor play with your kids

With warmer weather quickly approaching, we can now start to enjoy more time in the great outdoors. Registered early childhood educators know just how important it is for kids to have outdoor time. Here they share tips and ideas for spending an afternoon with your kids outside.

1. Let nature be the teacher. Don’t worry about structuring every play experience — let children explore, learn and be free in nature. Visit parks, big playgrounds, streams and trails, and join them in their discovery. When you play outside along with your kids, everyone will learn and have fun.

2. Go outside in the rain. Don’t wait for the perfect weather day to discover the natural world. Dress appropriately and be fearless. Rainy days are a great opportunity to teach your kids about how plant and animal life grows, and the importance of water and doing our part to protect the environment. Check out the worms that come out and point out how beautiful the flowers and grass look the morning after a big rainfall.

3. Go with your kid’s personality. The possibilities are endless for playing outside, so ask you child what they want to do. If they like to play with their hands and make things, build a fort. If they’re curious about insects and animals, explore insect or animal tracks or habitats. If they like watching things grow, investigate a variety of plant species in gardens, forests or ravines.

Find more information about registered early childhood educators at www.college-ece.ca. (NC)

Visit on of Hamilton’s many parks or conservation area and watch the smiles appear on their faces.

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