Serving up Culinary Creativity – Explore some of Hamilton’s thriving restaurants

Hamilton's Thriving Restaurants

Hamilton is known for its creativity, whether it be for the flourishing arts world, advancements in technology and business, or the enticing food scene. While we would love to talk all things Hamilton, we are here to focus on the city’s restaurants – new-on-the-scene and making waves, or the classics that have been here for years. Let’s celebrate our culinary landscape together!

On the Cutting-Edge – Restaurants making waves in the city’s food scene:

Hamilton's Thriving RestaurantsPokeh
Ask anyone what one of their top restaurants is in the city, and you’re sure to hear “Pokeh”. Located in a booth in the Hamilton Farmer’s Market – which is only open four days a week – making it a treat when you do get it – Pokeh specializes in Hawaiian poke bowls (did you guess from their name?). Poke tastes similar to a deconstructed spicy tuna sushi roll, but it’s so much more than that. Visit them and see for yourself!

Hamilton's Thriving RestaurantsMezcal TNT (Tacos N Tequila)
Mezcal TNT is almost always full (for good reason!) and always worth the wait. Chopped Canada winner Chef Manny Ferreira is the brains behind the operation, and with the help of his kitchen team, creates all their inventive tacos and all ingredients/sauces in-house.  Ever tried an octopus taco? Now you can! They also have monthly tequila tastings; in their words, they are starting a “Tequila Revolution”, making tequila lovers out of all of us! 

Hamilton's Thriving RestaurantsHambrgr
Hambrgr has cut out all the stuff that doesn’t matter
(like the vowels!) and kept all the stuff that does. Their focus is simple:
Burgers and Beer.
This restaurant is so well-loved in the city, and it’s not a shock, their juicy burgers are topped with a plethora of perfect ingredients to please any burger connoisseur.
And who doesn’t love burgers?

Hamilton's Thriving RestaurantsThe Burnt Tongue
You may ask how a restaurant can survive on soup alone? Easy! Make the best soup in the city and the people will come in droves. That was the business plan of The Burnt Tongue, and they have done just that in 2 locations in the city – adding in some new additions like burgers and fries here and there – but the soup is their mainstay. Each day they come up with soups equally delicious or even more so than the day before. Check out their Instagram page for daily features @theburnttongue . 

The Pioneers – Delicious food in #HamOnt isn’t something new. Appetizing food choices have been around for years. Some of the classics include:

Hamilton's Thriving RestaurantsBlack Forest Inn
“I took home leftovers”
is a line you will hear often in discussion around the Black Forest Inn, and it’s probably one that has been going on for years:
50 years to be exact! The Black Forest Inn truly is one of the pioneers in the city. Opening in 1967, they have been serving up huge portions of German, Austrian and European cuisine almost every day since.

Hamilton's Thriving RestaurantsBronzies
Hamilton does love big portions, which is why restaurants like Bronzies and Black Forest Inn have been thriving for so long in the city (30 years in Bronzies’ case). Not to mention the fact that their classic Italian food is absolutely delectable. The cozy, old-fashioned, underground spot just makes it seem all the homier and they are a favourite in many Hamiltonians’ hearts. We just want to keep it secret (maybe).

The nice thing is that these restaurants don’t vie for the limelight; they all work cohesively to build up our innovative city food scene – putting Hamilton on the culinary map! And this is just a small sample of the choices available.

by Heather Peter

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