Pokeh – Canada’s First Poke Bar!

Ask anyone what one of their top restaurants is in the city, and you’re sure to hear “Pokeh”. Located in a booth in the Hamilton Farmer’s Market – which is only open four days a week – making it a treat when you do get it – Pokeh specializes in Hawaiian poke bowls (did you guess from their name?). Poke tastes similar to a deconstructed spicy tuna sushi roll, but it’s so much more than that.

pokeh restaurant

There are lots of options available, starting with a choice between salmon and tuna. There are also gluten free and vegan options, spicy vs mild and plenty of veggies, sauces and add-ons to choose from.

The team has recently expanded to a slightly larger space in the Hamilton Farmer’s Market and plan on opening a second location soon (stay tuned!). If you’re Downtown Hamilton and haven’t tried this restaurant yet, it’s an absolute must!


35 York Blvd, Hamilton, ON

(inside Hamilton Farmer’s Market)


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