The Burnt Tongue – Hot, Healthy and Delicious

burnt tongue

You may ask how a restaurant can survive on soup alone? Easy! Make the best soup in the city and the people will come in droves. That was the business plan of The Burnt Tongue, and they have done just that in 2 locations in the city – adding in some new additions like burgers and fries here and there – but the soup is their mainstay.

burnt tongue hamilton

Each day they come up with soups equally delicious or even more so than the day before. It’s a simple formula, but it works. The end product is so good there is often a small line to place your order. Don’t be put off by this – it moves incredible quickly and the service is fast and friendly. The location on Cannon Street is cozy and intimate, while their space on Locke Street is airy and wonderful in the summer, with a giant window looking out into the street.  Swing by either location and experience it for yourself!

The Burnt Tongue

10 Cannon St E, Hamilton

182 Locke St S, Hamilton, ON

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