Munchies Barkery

munchies barkery hamilton

Munchies Barkery is where pet friendly dogs, their owners – and anyone, really – can go to get a made-from-scratch breakfast, snack or sweet treats and sit for a bit.

You may be greeted by an inquiring nose or two through the safety gate when you first walk in. There are comfy couches in the middle of the front room or cafe-style tables and chairs along the periphery, including by the big picture window.

We had such a nice cuddle with these 2 gentle guys, who are currently being fostered and will be looking for forever homes in the future.

The music is lively (retro-inspired tunes) and so is the ambient noise. You’ll hear conversation and laughter and a few barks or growls too. But it’s a friendly atmosphere and the owners are happy to chat about the cafe and their volunteer work with Hammer City Paws Rescue. If you’re lucky enough maybe you’ll get a chance to cuddle with a rescue dog or two after you eat, or one of them might wander over to your table to see what you’re eating.

From a choice of all day breakfasts, sandwiches, muffins and brownies, we chose the Waffle Brekkie, which included two eggs and bacon. The waffle was unbelievably good: crispy outside, fluffy inside. The maple syrup was ultra thick and rich. For sampling purposes (ahem), ‘breakfast’ was followed by a long slice of the classic brownie and it didn’t disappoint.

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