Meet the Chef: Harrison Hennick


Chef Harrison, together with co-owners Gaby and Ryan, have created a remarkable atmosphere at their restaurant, Nique. We sat down with Chef Harrison to ask him some questions:

Where did you learn to cook?

I really learnt from my mother. We took a family trip to Italy when I was younger, and she came back super inspired and immediately started cooking everything from scratch.
My passion grew from that, and I’ve worked in some great kitchens and learned a lot along the way.

What was the inspiration for Nique?

It was about creating a restaurant with a work environment that felt more like a family than a business, which in turn creates a great vibe and atmosphere at the restaurant – and also being able to cook whatever we want – there’s no corporate hierarchy.

Why Hamilton?

We just wanted to be a part of the incredible culinary landscape here. We describe our menu as a cultural mosaic, and that’s what Hamilton is. Hamilton is for everybody, and hopefully we are too.

What’s your favourite dish on the menu?

The Sushi Nachos. Trust me, it’s not cheese and salsa melted over tuna. It’s super unique and one of the few items that is permanently on the menu.

Visit Nique Restaurant

30 Vine Street, Hamilton
905 529 8000
Instagram: @Nique_Restaurant
Twitter: @Nique_Hamilton


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