Corn Mazes: 5 Frighteningly Fun Fields

corn field corn maze

Corn mazes to drive you cob crazy. They’re a-mais-ing…

Yes there are lots of ‘corny’ things you can say about corn mazes and the fact that they’re a unique fall activity. They’re fun to explore – even for the directionally challenged. You can ‘field’ your way through the corn by day or…by night.

Check out these local corn mazes:

Hanes, Dundas
Pick a path through the Human Puzzle, carved into over 25 acres of 10′ tall walls of cornstalks! All ages. Special events include night mazes with spooky Halloween music.

Stonehaven Farms, Campbellville
Reserved times for large groups (20+) are highly recommended. Weekday and Nightly adventures by flashlight are by appointment only for groups of 20 or more (a minimum charge applies for groups less than 20 people).

Lindley Farm, Ancaster
A safe, easy to follow maze, complete with emergency exits for your safety and convenience.

Marshall’s, Nassagaweya
This year they’re celebrating CANADA. In order to find your way through, you must answer true or false Canadian questions.

Fear Farm, Ayr
We saved the scary one for last! Lots to do (and be scared of) here: the Carnevil side show, a Haunted Hayride, Hiller Haunted House, the Stalking Dead and of course, the Condemned Cornfield.

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