Craft Beer Passport App: $2 Brews in Hamilton

Craft Beer Passport Hamilton

Curb your craft beer cravings by accessing the Craft Beer Passport app. Recently launched in Hamilton, it’s a way for beer lovers to enjoy $2 craft beers at bars and breweries across town.

The app-free to download on iOS and Android-is an exciting and affordable new way to explore Hamilton’s burgeoning craft beer scene. It offers a suite of features to help you discover Hamilton’s best local bars, breweries and beers. “Hamilton was our first choice for expansion outside of Toronto due to it’s large and rapidly growing craft beer scene,” says Craft Beer Passport founder Mike Stulberg. “We’ve seen Merit Brewing open, then Fairweather Brewing and Grain & Grit Brewing all within the last year or so and these folks are really bringing it as far as experimentation and quality in craft beer is concerned. Also, Hamilton is close enough to Toronto-where we already have a solid user-base-for Passport holders to literally ‘travel’ to and fro using their Craft Beer Passport as a tool.”

Visit any of the participating establishments on your Passport and be rewarded with a 12oz. craft beer for only $2 (the legal minimum price) and a digital stamp left by your server to prove that you really went the distance. The app’s custom map makes it easy to find the next closest stop, the best route to your favourite bar or brewery, or to plan an evening bar crawl through parts of town you rarely get to visit. “I think there are a lot of people out there with budding interests in craft beer who may not be sure exactly where to find them or lack that ‘spark’ to actively seek out new beer experiences; to learn and explore via beer,” says Stulberg. “The Craft Beer Passport provides these folks with the financial incentive to get them out there and a DIY program to lightly steer them as they go!” Using the map, Passport holders can rest assured that delicious and affordable craft beer is always just a few minutes away, wherever they might be. It can be used at Toronto’s 45+ stops.

Each of the participating bars and breweries have their own profile on the app to help you choose the perfect craft beer destination for any occasion. Each profile includes an image of the bar or brewery, its address, opening hours and phone number, as well as links to its website and social media accounts. It’s a great precursor to get out and explore bars/breweries you may not have visited yet. “People are always delighted when they discover new bars and breweries while using their Craft Beer Passport and bar/brewery owners often tell us about Passport holders who became regulars after first coming in on the Craft Beer Passport,” explains Stulberg. “Passport holders are motivated to visit participating bars and breweries that they’ve never been before because they know that it if it’s on the Passport it’s going to be a great establishment where they can get awesome beer on tap, at an unbeatable price. A $2 craft beer is a very satisfying reward for traveling outside of your stomping ground to try something and somewhere new! Also, the program facilitates a fun and memorable interaction between bar/brewery staff and Passport holders as users are often asked to recount their adventures; where they’ve been so far, where they’re heading, etc. It’s a city-wide scavenger hunt for beer!”

There are flexible payment plans which are good for a single night out, a weekend jaunt or a full season of brew discovery. Users can choose from either a 3 Stamps, 10 Stamps or All Stamps plan. ‘Stamps’ (ie. vouchers) are redeemable for an in-store purchase of one $2 craft beer (12oz.) at any participating bar or brewery.

-3 Stamps/$5 (3-month expiration)
-10 Stamps/$10 (3-month expiration)
-All Stamps/$30 (6-month expiration)

The app inspires beer lovers to explore Hamilton’s various neighborhoods, while supporting independent bars and brewers of Ontario craft beer year-round!

To date, the passport is accepted at:

Merit Brewery
Shawn & Ed Brewing
Fairweather Brewery
Nique Restuarant
Rust City Brewing
Grain & Grit Brewing Co.
The Capitol Bar
Mulberry Coffeehouse
Collective Arts Brewery
Big Tobacco

Check the website for additional spots as they’re added.

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