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The heart of the home, the hardest working room in the house, party central: yes, we’re talking about the kitchen. It doesn’t seem to matter what size your living quarters are, or how cozy and inviting you make your family room, the kitchen is where family, friends and guests naturally tend to gravitate, no matter the occasion. We talked to two local kitchen design and renovation companies to find out what the current trends in kitchen design are.

If you’re looking to invest a solid chunk of money, time, and effort into the renovation and upgrading of any room in your home, it’s a good bet that you’ve done your homework, or you at least have a good idea of what you want. But even armed with a list of likes and dislikes, it’s difficult to ignore the upcoming trends. “White is definitely the predominant colour,” says Gaby Montejo of The Wright Kitchen in Ancaster. “A painted white Shaker cabinet is very popular, though we are seeing some greys as well. And navy blue makes an appearance, especially in islands, or in contrasting upper and lower cabinets.”

As for cabinet hardware, Montejo says although there are so many different and personal options to choose from, gold remains a popular choice, and most  likely will continue through 2018. “Every kitchen ends up being so different, though,” she says. “Personal preference always plays a big role.”

But aside from a specific colour scheme, what homeowners most desire is simplicity in style, which means no clutter to be seen, and a kitchen that is easy to keep clean. Moving appliances off the counters, or at least having them hidden, not only creates a more attractive space, but makes it easier to work in as well.

And when it comes to countertops, it’s all about quartz this year — which is low maintenance and easy to clean, unlike granite, which requires care, sealing and yearly upkeep. But trends are difficult to not only predict, but to stay on top of, according to Brian Weninger of Homestyles Kitchens and Baths in Stoney Creek. “Any of the many shades of whites are popular and will keep being popular,” he says, “but I do see a few other colours in homes, including some blues and greys, especially in islands. Clients like to make their islands stand out, and that’s where they can get a little creative.”

Weninger has also seen some rustic looks recently, including barn boards and driftwood, mixed in with the more traditional whites, which produces an interesting juxtaposition of style. But aside from these colour and design trends, he has also noticed a few clients deciding not to include a super familiar appliance in their renovated kitchens: the microwave. “A lot of people just use them for reheating and defrosting, so I think they decide to just get rid of it completely and use that space for something else,” he says. “I wouldn’t call it a trend, exactly, but I’m definitely seeing fewer microwaves in the kitchen.”

In the end, both designers agree that, regardless of any popular trends you might see or read about, the most important thing is to love and enjoy the look and style of the room where you’ll be spending a huge amount of time. Gathering friends and family around for food and good times is the best trend of all.

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Written by Allison Dempsey

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