Party on the Patio – Hamilton’s Pop-Up Patio Program Provides Extra Dining Al Fresco

Pop-up Patios

If you live anywhere in the city, you will have heard of the on-street patio program… and if you haven’t heard of them yet, you probably will have seen them! The on-street patios are hard to miss, dotting the city’s landscape. Started as a pilot program in 2016, and launched permanently just last year, the on-street patio program has been a wildly successful project in the short time it’s been around.

How does it work? Businesses in the BIA sections of the city apply to be a part of the program on the City of Hamilton website. Once approved, they are able to set up a Pop-Up Patio in front of their business or restaurant, in one of the on-street parking spots.

Pop-up Patios

Businesses that are involved in the program are allowed to set up their patios as early as May 1st and are able to keep them up for customers to enjoy until October 31st. As of this time, the City is still accepting applications and has yet to turn anyone away from the program. They would love to have more businesses involved and see the program grow even further, as it has not only been a success for customers and the community, but for the businesses themselves.

Pop-up Patios

Boon Burger on Ottawa Street is one of the locations where you will find a pop-up patio – Mike Spadafora of Boon Burger has found that the patio has been absolutely fantastic for them. “The exposure it has generated for us has been better than expected and will really help with those busy Saturday nights,” he states. “Having the option for our customers to eat outside and enjoy the weather is really important to us as well.” The Boon Burger team also hopes to be a participant in the program for many years to come and applauds the city for coming up with the concept.

Pop-up Patios

Reuben Vanderkwaak of Donut Monster on Locke Street has found that not only have his customers enjoyed it so far, but the community has as well. “The patio provides an outdoor seating area not just for the customers, but for everyone. We open it to the community.” Vanderkwaak also believes that the on-street patio program increases the vibrancy of the neighbourhood.

The team at The Burnt Tongue are big fans, too. Leo Tsangarakis of the Burnt Tongue loves that he’s able to seat an additional 10 customers over the summer. “It has definitely helped with sales because people love eating outside in the summer. Now we have an edge that we wouldn’t normally have.” They too, appreciate the initiative that the City of Hamilton has taken and love seeing the pop-up patios across the city.

Pop-Up Patios

Tourism Hamilton
28 James Street North

47 King William Street

49 King William Street / 207 Ottawa Street North

The Burnt Tongue
182 Locke Street South

West Town
214 Locke Street South

223 King Street East

Donut Monster
246 Locke Street South

Earth to Table: Bread Bar
258 Locke Street South

Salt Lick
282 James Street North

Boon Burger
295 Ottawa Street North

Architect Hair Design
324 James Street North

Concession BIA
565 Concession Street

The Snooty Fox
1011 King Street West

Paisley Coffeehouse
1020 King Street West

The Express Restaurant
1034 King Street West

Mulberry Street Coffeehouse
193 James Street North

Heaven’s Kitchen
54 James Street North

Centre 3
173 James Street North

by Heather Peter

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