DIY Decor Pumpkins With Panache

DIY Pumpkin

When you think of pumpkins, do you think of pumpkin pie or pumpkin soup or that scary carving on Halloween night?   Why not try this fun and alternative use for the humble pumpkin, that will look great and last right through Thanksgiving to Halloween?

What You’ll Need:

1 medium sized pumpkin
1 can of spray paint  (we like white but can be your choice of colour)
Carving tools/knives, pen, newspaper
A tall vase
Your choice of flowers for the bouquet


Visit your local grocery store to purchase a pumpkin, or to make it more of a fun experience, invite a few friends to visit a Pick- Your-Own Pumpkin Patch.

Grab a pen and make a round circle around the top of the pumpkin where the stem is. Prepare newspaper for an easy clean up afterwards, then take a knife and carve along the line, and remove the top of the pumpkin.

Remove all the “guts” of the pumpkin into a big bowl until it is clean on the inside.

Spray paint the exterior of the pumpkin with your choice of paint and allow it to dry.

Place the vase inside the pumpkin and fill it with water.

Go to your local florist, grocery store or backyard to collect some pretty flowers to place into the vase.

That’s it!

This is an easy way of decorating for an elegant and different look this season!

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