‘Tis The Season to Celebrate and Decorate – Handy Transitional Décor Tips and Tricks

Seasonal Decor

For those of us who love to decorate all year round, we can agree that as the weather changes, so should our home décor. Be it inside or out, we absolutely love to have our living spaces reflect each and every unique season and holiday. Whether there’s a holiday coming up or you just want to make your home feel a little more interesting and a little bit cozier, there are home decorating ideas for every time of year. If you love to change the look of your home on a regular basis, decorating for each season is the right strategy when it comes to interior design. Some places where décor is easily interchangeable include living room mantels, space above kitchen cabinets, dining room tables, bedroom sheets and blankets, couch throw pillows, window sills and curtains, front doors, kitchen dish towels, and even bathroom mats and shower curtains.

We’ve just endured a long, hot summer, and some of us eagerly welcome cooler weather, and with it, the colourful leaves, pumpkins, and numerous rustic elements that will decorate our homes. Now is the time to create a unique centrepiece for your table and spruce up your home with pumpkins and leaves. You can also change your bedding and blankets to heavier materials in reds, dark oranges or even browns, or replace your window curtains with warm, darker hues and heavier fabric.

Seasonal Decor

If you’re already thinking about the holiday season, Hamilton’s Fascination Flowers offers a wide and stunning array of holiday-themed centrepieces perfect for dining tables, side tables or mantels. “Candy Cane Surprise,” for instance, features red and white mini carnations, red berries and candy canes in a glass container, while “Pretty Dove” is a stunning piece with white doves, frosted greenery and white berries. Graham & Brooks, located in Dundas, is a truly unique store filled with re-purposed and renewed vintage Canadian products where you’re sure to find one-of-a-kind pieces for fall and Thanksgiving, from rustic and industrial to Campy Candles to handmade brooms.

Mantel decorating is easy and fun and always eye-catching with some faux snow-dusted plants or pinecones, while front-door decorating with evergreens and berries always looks incredible. Don’t forget to incorporate lots of candles indoors that not only add style but allow you to experience all the scents the season has to offer. Thanksgiving invites a cornucopia centerpiece for your family’s table, and for Halloween, keep it classic with pumpkins on your front porch and candy corn in decorative bowls

Some favourite items to keep in mind for decorating year-round include the notion of simplicity: less is more! Seasonal decorations are something people keep in storage through most of the year, wasting valuable space, but there are much more efficient and space-saving ways to decorate beautifully. Mason jars are a classic kitchen staple that you can use in so many ways. Buy one and fill it with whatever is trending that time of year, be it fairy lights, berries, or pinecones.

Seasonal Decor

Glass domes are also everywhere lately and range from tall with wooden bases, bell-shaped or freestanding, and you can fill them with just about anything to represent the season…and they’ll always look stunning. Simply hold one upside down, fill, top with the base, and turn right-side up, or, style on the base and top with the glass dome.

Chalkboards are another popular item that you can incorporate into any home, use a freestanding one, or paint a wall or canvas with chalkboard paint for the same look. Trays are always versatile pieces that can be styled, painted, decoupaged, stamped, and are simple to swap out what’s on them depending on the season or holiday.

Local shops have some great pieces this time of year, it’s time to start decorating!

by Allison Dempsey

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